Shades of Grey


Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey (copyright)
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter 0ne

I had just turned 21 excited about my future working as a new medical intern. My father hoped i would come work with him in his company, but my heart was set on medicine.
I had gone up to the attic looking for some of my old books to take with me to my new apartment in Seattle. I came across some boxes pushed to the back of the shelf,
hidden by old books. I gathered the books putting them to the side, opening the lid
of the dusty box, then lifting it out, placing it on the floor in front of me.

I was not prepared for what i was to discover. I sat slumped on the attic floor, i felt as though all the breath had left my body, finding it hard to breath. Picture after picture, nude women, tied up in some kind of sex dungeon. Documents, contracts, between my father and these women; sex slave contracts, his name and signature on the contracts.

Tears fell down my face; my heart was beating so fast i felt as though it was going to burst out of my chest. My father is a sexual abuser, a rapist.
I wiped away my tears with the back of my hand, picking up the contracts and pictures to take downstairs, to confront my father. A million thoughts went through my mind, “Did my mother know?” "How long had this been going on?"..."Who the fuck was this man who had raised me?"  

"Edward" i heard a voice calling my name. It was Kaitlin my girlfriend.
"Here you are, i thought you had got lost or something you have been gone awhile." she said greeting me with a smile and a kiss to my lips.
I pulled back as she kissed me dropping the contents i had placed in the folder now spread all over the wooden floors of the attic.
I quickly dropped to the floor scurrying to pick up the documents and photos to hide from Kaitlin's view. She knelt down to help me.

"No its fine, i have this" i said curtly not wanting her to see.

"What's wrong Edward, have i done something, tell me what’s wrong?" Kaitlin asked, placing her hand on mine, she knew me so well, she knew i was upset, hell the evidence would have been written all over my face.

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  1. Shades of Grey, By Edward Grey...The untold story. Very well done Alexandria, hell the first page is better than the entire crap of E L James, cant wait for more now. keep it coming. My wife is even excited and had a little laugh also.
    The people in our firm loved it. Love this new site good idea also.
    I like the information you have done the right side of the website, that is a fantastic idea.

  2. So cool love it. Bloody E L James is so full of herself alright. Her books were absolute crap. Her new one will be another piece of badly written trash, not even contemplating reading it, certainly wont be buying it. Not even interested in any of the so called movies.
    We have enough sexual abuse in the world without her contributing to making it worst with her trash she wrote.
    This book looks good so far, it get it was a parody, but it looks interesting, cant wait either to see where it goes. Sexy book cover really like it.
    Following my email so I can keep up to date.

    1. Thank you, Thank you so much. We began our book months ago, we had a couple of covers in play, we went with this one. My husband with thank you, as its his face and eyes, has to do a bit of camouflaging he didn't want to be recognized, but he has the most beautiful eyes, which is what we needed to tell our story, through a set of eyes. My husband is just beautiful all round anyway, very sexy and super supportive.
      We have a fantastic story to tell through the eyes of Edward Grey and now we have a lot of people coming on board to make our book happen.
      We will have to obviously change names and story content to the original abuse books but readers will know what our book is relating to.
      Thank you so much also for following us and keeping up to date.

  3. I saw your links on Google and social media thought I would check it out. So glad I did.
    Now that is a book cover, wow Edward has very sexy alluring eyes.
    This cover is better than all of E L James covers for all of her 4 crap books.
    And I use the word crap too mildly, if I had to put down what I really thought, I would have to sensor this comment.
    Why this crap is continuing is just ridiculous. The first 3 books of hers were shit, and you are so right so abusive. She has her marketing team working overtime spinning her crap, shit, no one would even look twice at it otherwise.
    The fourth book is going to be the same old crap not even going to bother to read it, not at all interested. Would never waste my money buying it either.
    Didn't even buy her other three crap books, got them for free of the internet.
    I read the article down the side and on the 50-shades-of-abuse site also. Incredible site and articles.
    Every thing you said was spot on. This women thinks she owns the word Grey and Erotic. Like you have said her books were not erotic at all.
    Boring writing, shit writing, I think her husband wrote the books also, not her.

    I so look forward to reading this book Shades of Grey, it has a very interesting spin one I would want to read. Great thing your site is doing also, please keep up the good work.
    I began to Boycott E L James and Fifty Shades of Grey a very long time ago, so did my friends and our work.
    Will send my friends to your site for more support. I really hope you get the book published also. Great thing also donating proceeds to charity, hell E L James would never do that in a pink fit. I will send the word around, to help make this happen. From New York so the word will spread fast. Following by email now to keep updated.

    1. Thank you New York, Thank you so much. We began our book months ago, we had a couple of covers in play, we went with this one. My husband with thank you, as its his face and eyes, has to do a bit of camouflaging he didn't want to be recognized, but he has the most beautiful eyes, which is what we needed to tell our story, through a set of eyes. My husband is just beautiful all round anyway, very sexy and super supportive.
      We have a fantastic story to tell through the eyes of Edward Grey and now we have a lot of people coming on board to make our book happen.
      We will have to obviously change names and story content to the original abuse books but readers will know what our book is relating to.
      Thank you so much also for following us and keeping up to date.
      Please yes share with all your friends so we can get our book noticed and picked up by a publisher.
      We are writing for a very important cause, abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and have a team of professionals working with us.
      We will be donating book proceeds to charities, so also a very good cause.
      Thank you so much for acknowledging our hard work, we have many volunteers, who work tirelessly to keep the message in the media, abuse kills, abuse sexual abuse kills, and it effects entire families, including children.
      Fifty Shades of Grey is glamorizing sexual abuse, stalking, domestic violence, rape, torture. The shocking research and medical research in the books Fifty Shades of Grey books and movie was so bad it endangers millions of lives.

    2. Bravo well said, also already began to Boycott Fifty Shades of Grey a long time ago like millions of people have.
      I am a new mother and i can see also also a working professional how Fifty Shades of Grey effects our children, putting them in so much danger, glamorizing abuse. I for one am so glad that the subject through the eyes of a young adult the Son is now being told.

  4. The artwork is spectacular Alexandria, stunning....the art team did an incredible job, my husband said so also. Aaron is set to be a sex symbol with those eyes. LOL.
    The artwork is 150 times better than any art work done on E L James crapola books, and the women has bucket loads of money now and she still has shitty art work for her covers.
    Been reading the chapters you emailed me; wow incredible, love it, better than any crapola E L James has written. Goes to show you can write good books without having to add in rape, sexual abuse, torture, stalking, domestic violence and then on top of all of that pass all that abuse off as romance like in Fifty Shades of Grey crap.
    The story "Shades of Grey Kills" i love how you changed their names and aspects, its so good, riveting, heart felt, beautiful.

  5. Loving your book so far, or should i say spunky Edwards book. Yummy. I already have this mental picture in my mind now of this gorgeous young man.
    Can not wait to meet more of him and read his life story.
    Love the book covers and graphics, spectacular is stating it too mildly, beautiful, really captivating.
    Didn't like Fifty Shades of Grey at all, very badly written, full of abuse and garbage. Hell even as a women, mother, wife i knew the shit she had written in their was miss-leading so many people. E L James needs to stop now, her books are trash, she is just trying to cash in even more with a new piece of trash, just putting a different spin on it thats all. Not even interested in reading it. I am like the masses Boycotting her and her rubbish.
    Edwards book has a really important message i think, through the perspective as a young man, so looking forward to this book, yes please.
    Love how the proceeds are going to such worthy charities.
    Come on book publishes, you are going to kick yourselves for not picking this book up.
    What i still don't get like everyone else, why the hell did anyone even want to publish that rubbish of E L James. Actually only one place did, a tini wini little book place in Australia, no other book place would touch the garbage she wrote. Her next book of abuse and rubbish is going to flop wait and see.

  6. Saw your book on social media its causing quite the buzz.
    Now i know why. Read all the bio and about me. Loving this, great story idea, watch out E L James now doesn't try and steal it from you. She doesn't have an original thought in her head has to steal her work from everyone else. Hate her god dam awful crap, will be Boycotting also.

    Everyone has been sharing your book, Edward Greys book on social media. The book covers are incredible.
    The story pages you have posted, love them, i am hooked now i want more and more.
    What a worthy thing you are also doing donating to charities, wish more would do that.
    I cant wait to see the other characters in the book, love the names so far.
    And you are spot on E L James does not own the rights to the Oxford English dictionary or the name Edward Grey. So good job posting that information.
    I hope the media get on board with your book and flog the shit out of it since proceeds are going to charities and a massive publishing house pics it up as well as a movie or TV studio wouldn't that know E L James and her narcissism on her ass.
    Following for updates, but loving it all so far.

  7. Thank you to everyone for the heart felt comments and support. I thought my story was so important to be told, i have a very powerful message to send to everyone.
    Today some very exciting news two publishing houses have contacted me wanting to publish my book. I would like to thank my ghost writer Alexandria, for listening to me, getting to know me as a young man and telling my story to the world.
    A big thank you to the graphic design team for the amazing book covers and posters, you rock.
    I would like to give back to the community the world around us so i would like to date the book proceeds to charities, abuse, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence charities. I really hope i can make a difference with my story.

    1. Sorry that was meant to say donate to charities, that's what happens when you type too fast. LOL

  8. OK so where do i get an Edward Grey????? Where was he when i was 21 years old.
    Seriously if this is not snapped up, published, marketed the hell out off then the book world has lost the plot. I was the same as the comments above. read pages 1-14, loved them so much, went back again and again, such a beautiful story.
    Shades of Grey, i agree 300 times better than E L James shit and this is just part of chapter one here.
    Read all the about me section, so i get what you writing about, excellent idea. I would also let my kids read this because like the lady said above, kids need to know and respect sex, not be in a hurry, and do it in a way that also connects with them, just like this book is obviously designed to do and so far is doing it right.
    Don't know anyone who would donate the proceeds of their hard work to charities. I applaud you so much for doing that, great humanitarian. I would also reserve my copy.
    The book covers and your poster work, incredible, best i have seen for a very long time. Captures the Edward Grey very well. Congratulations to your design team they did a killer job alright.

    I commented on page 14 but i wanted to comment on this being the front page also, this book deserves it, giving praise where its due. Shades of Grey by Edward Grey i give it out of 20/21, i read a lot of books, even part of a book club, this is a big winner in my eyes, will be sharing.......YESSSSSSSS

    So glad you are going to expose sexual abuse as not being OK, or romance as E L James is saying it is.

    That woman E L James disgusts me. She is a mother to two boys, and she writes that crap, where a young women is sexual abused, not to mention all the other women her character kept as sex slaves also. Just not on, teaching kids and adults the wrong thing alright.
    I have seen the articles online about how dangerous her books are, promoting sexual abuse, and those articles are by renowned medical people. All E L James is about is money, greedy, power hungry woman. No thank you.

    I have to put my hand up as one of those women sucked in by the PR gimmick and i read those, what ever the hell they are so called books by E L James, you know the ones, not even going to give them the dignity of saying the books names. Bloody disgusted, Porn, sexual abuse, torture, teaching kids, young adults, well all adults the wrong thing. Half the pages i just skipped through because they were just so bad, and this crap, sexual abuse shit got published. Were the publishers high or drunk when they signed this shit.

    I have three kids 13-19 and there is no way in the world i would let them read or watch Fifty Shades of Grey, hell i had a bad enough time with that crap.

  9. Saw the link on social media, i had to check it out. What a beautiful story so far. Love the book cover, very sexy, eye catching, shows of the book title very well.
    I was like the other comments crying on page 14, i had a big smile on my face on page 3 and other pages.
    Edward is one very sexy beautiful guy. I will take one of him to go.
    I have been reading the right side section. Very interesting, wonderful cause, so generous, i will be supporting.
    I can already see the message the book is putting forward, with love, sex, generosity, Edward now finding out this secret of his dads and how he is going to confront him and deal with it. Very well done.
    I am the same as one of the other comments, if i am not taken by a story in the first chapter, i lose interest in the book.
    Shades of Grey, had me right away, i kept going back reading pages, i kept smiling at the conversation in the book between Edward and Kaitlin and their new love, i really love this. I can not wait for the books release, i am already hooked.

    This book I am sure would make an incredible movie, appeal to many age groups.

    I also hate that rubbish E L James wrote, the woman can not write for another thing, then she writes that dribble, a billionaire sexually abusing women, no thanks. Hated the movie as well, my husband came with me under sufferance, we walked out with half of the audience, we only went out of curiosity, bad decision, wasted our money. There was a lot of booing going on as well. That movie is going to destroy Jamie Dornan's career, he lost my respect. Dakota Johnson is such a really bad actress, i don't even know how she got the part. The entire movie was just shocking, the worst movie i have seen.
    I know this book is not Fifty Shades of Grey, only had to read the book front to know that.

    I agree with other comments Shades of Grey is 300 times better, i can see this book being a huge success, a best seller, it will appeal to a large audience.

  10. Thank you for writing a sensible book, dealing with abuse and love. My three daughters are already in love with Edward Grey, you have done such a wonderful job with his character and story so far. My girls have also given the book their tick of approval, that is high praise coming from them, trust me.
    Your book covers stunning, really beautiful.
    Yes i will absolutely be supporting your book, Edwards Book Shades of Grey.
    I have heard so many people talking about this book now, and all of it positive. They love the book. I saw the link on twitter.

    I really hope the Australian media gets on board, they have a reputation for not supporting their own in Australia.
    The proceeds going to charities, incredible, generous, the most heart felt thing i have heard for a very long time. Well done to all of your volunteers of your abuse website and Shades of Grey book. So well done.
    I am now following both your sites this one and 50-shades-of-abuse by mail to keep updated.

    Your site and what you are doing and your generosity has given me back some faith in human kindness, haven't seen a lot of it lately. Celebrities are all about them selves, buying flash toys, cars, houses, holidays. Angelina Jolee is the only other person who i have seen trying to make a difference, then i find your site and what you are doing giving back being advocates to end abuse, so well done.

  11. ❤️💜The proceeds of this book are going to Abuse charities, domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, torture, as many as we can help. The book has already gone global around the world. ❤️💜This book has a very powerful message to send to all. The book has been written in a ways to reach many different age groups, teens, young and older adults. Abuse, sexual violence effects millions around the world, especially children. ❤️💜❤️💜Please help us raise as much money as we can for abuse charities by supporting this book, sharing the link for the books website, the book Shades of Grey....By Edward Grey.

    twitter shadesofgrey_EG

    we already have international celebrities sharing our links and re-weeting the book.

    The book has already been mentioned in the last week several times by people at the UK DailyMail


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