Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 23

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 23

“You know we don’t have three hours, to play?” i say then look at my watch.

“We have about an hour and a half at the most.” I grin at Kat.

“Mmm, i have sampled your handy work, i think and hour and a half will suffice.” She says, then laughs.

“Oh is that right, my hand work. And were my hand work skills acceptable to your liking?”

“Oh…yes very much so Mr Grey.” Kat was trying not to laugh, grinning. I had a huge smile on my face.

“So where would you like me to start Miss Southers…on this handwork i mean?” Kat takes my hand slowly moving it down her body, down between her thighs, to her flower. She exhaled her lips parted as i began to touch her, caress her.

“Just there?” I ask as our eyes watched each other.

“Yes just there” Kat whispers, her breathing deeper…she closes her eyes.

“Don’t close your eyes, i want to watch you.” I say…Kat opens her eyes watching me, looking into my eyes.

“Mmm…yes” she murmurs, as i continue to watch her, feeling the warmth of her skin touching mine.

“Like that babe…you like that?” i whisper into her mouth.

“Yes…i like that.” Kat blinks, as she whispers back. Her pelvis pushing forward into my hand, her soft sounds of pleasure coming from her lips. I lean forward my tongue gently touching her lips. She tastes my tongue, so softly, gentle our tongues entwine, gently caressing in each others mouths.

Kat closes her eyes, her hips push forward. “I want to see you baby.” I whisper once more into her mouth. She opens her eyes once more, her lips parted. Her free hand grasping hold of my flesh, digging in deep with her fingers.

“Baby…please.” She whimpers. I continue my assault, pleasuring her.

“Don’t cum…hold back.” I whisper. "I want to watch you, feel you, feel your desire. Let me hear you baby."

“Mmmm.” Kat moans and whimpers, her fingers, dig deeper into my side, twisting at my skin, he nails embed into my flesh.

“Baby, i can't.” Kat cries out so loud, i feel her…her entire body flinching, her orgasm donating her entire body, she continues to cry out…i don’t stop i keep going, just watching her…god she was so beautiful.

“Please baby, i need you.” Kat whimpers.

“Tell me, say it baby… tell me what you want me to do.” I whisper once more at her lips, feeling the warmth of her breath on mine.

“ Fuck me.” She whispers, then opens her eyes looking at me.

“God yes baby, i want that too.” I stop; i can still feel her body orgasming as i lower myself onto Kat, now inside of her. He legs wrap around me…tight. I thrust hard, slow, still watching her. She hadn’t stopped her body still in ecstasy, still spiraling. 

I fasten my motion, Kat in sync with me. My lips on hers, our tongues now entwined, vigorously, like the motions of our bodies.
I feel my build, i groan loud, i feel Kat…our bodies release together, i still move, pushing inside of her, thrusting, again, and again, then my body slumps over hers.
I still feel her, twitching under me, her fingers still tightly gripped at my side. I look up watching her, her eyes closed, her mouth open, as she began to come down.

“Mmm, babe.” I say, still catching my breathe…. Kat opens her eyes smiling.

“I know.” Kat says with a whisper, her eyes glistening, her cheeks flush.

“Edward…Mr Grey…excuse me.” I all of a sudden hear a voice from outside our open bedroom door. It was Jarrod. I quickly pull the sheet over Kat and me.

“What is it Jarrod.” I say annoyed, the tone in my voice certainly reflecting that.

“I am sorry to interrupt Edward; your father is here… he is waiting in the lounge.”

“OK…fine i will be there in a minute.” I say irritated.

“Fuck.” I climb out of bed, slip on my sweat pants.

“What are you going to say to him Edward?” Kat asks, sitting up in bed the sheet wrapped around her covering her naked body.

“Babe i have no idea.” I lean over and kiss Kat on the lips.

I walk out into the hallway, then to the lounge room. Jarrod was standing to the side, his hands behind his back.

“Your packages have arrived also Edward; i put them on the table in the lounge.” Jarrod says.

“Thank you Jarrod.” I say as i walk now in view of my father.

“Would you like me to stay sir?”

“Yes, if you wouldn’t mind, thank you.”

Jarrod stood to the side of the lounge area, looking out at the view. My father glanced over at him.

My father stood with a scotch in his hand, he looked like shit. Good… obviously all of this shit getting to him, being caught.

“What are you doing here Dad?’ i say curtly.

“You wouldn’t return my calls, so i had no choice, i am sorry to interrupt Kat and you, i didn’t realize, you were in the bedroom.” Obviously my father heard us, while he was waiting.

“Well didn’t that give you a hint that I didn’t want to talk to you.” I say, walking to the kitchen to get a drink from the refrigerator, my father follows me. Our apartment was spacious open plan.

“Edward please, we need to talk, i want to clear things up” My father says, his voice almost quivering.

“What the hell happened to your back?”

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter what happened to my back.” I say, the marks were from Kat, from our play, from making love.

“What’s to clear up, i caught you dad, you lied to me, and we both know you did… so please don’t stand there and lie to my face again.” My dad said nothing.

“I don’t fucking get you…you have a beautiful wife dad, mum has given up so much for you…she gave up the gallery for you… she adores you, supports you, puts up with your fucking shit, and has done for years, and this is the thanks she gets, you fucking your new personal assistant.” My father still remains silent.

“I fixed one of the problems, Meredith, she is no longer with the company, she is gone dad, i fired her, security removed her from the building, and she is not fucking coming back…you hear me.”

“You did what?’ My father says.

“You heard me…i own part of that company dad, i worked my fucking ass off, helping you build it up, that is my name on the sign as you walk onto the thirtieth floor. I can hire and fire who ever i fucking like. She is gone.” I shout, i could feel the anger just building and building.

“I want the truth dad, and do not stand there and lie to me again, were you fucking her?” My father’s looks at me, then takes a sip from his scotch.

“Yes… but it’s not what you think, it only happened twice.”

“What do you mean it’s not what i think… you already know what i think, you were fucking her, i caught you dad. So what you fucked in the office, after work, in her apartment, in some hotel room… where?” My father looks at me again, takes another drink of his scotch, throwing the last of it back, then pouring himself another from the scotch bottle on the lounge room coffee table.

“At work in my office.” He says quietly.

“Do you know how grossly inappropriate that is to start with?” i shout.

“So what she was going to be what…your mistress, a play thing, she is what twenty five years old.” I ask just staring at my father.

“Twenty six…none of those things, it just happened.”

“But you were going to continue to let it happen, you weren’t going to call it off, so basically she was your mistress…right, a 26 year old fuck.”

“No wonder i couldn’t come to you about questions about sex, i went to mum.”

“You can always come to me about anything, Edward, especially sex.”

“No i can’t… when i first started dating Kat, i came to you…i had never been with anyone, Kat was my first. When i asked you about sex, pleasing a woman…your response was….don’t get tied down son, you are still young, go and fuck some girls, enjoy life.
Then you handed me a platinum card to a sex club. Told me i could get a real life experience.
So why the fuck would i come to you, when that is the sort of advice you give your son, who is a virgin.
I went to mum, and i still talk to mum about sex.”

“I cherish Kat, i don’t want to be with another women, have sex with anyone else. Kat and me we are learning from each other, and fuck you and your shitty advice dad…because what Kat and i have is fucking incredible.” I say with my voice raised.

“So what all of a sudden mum is not good enough, you wife dad… or did you forget those vowels you took, to honor and obey, love and cherish. Mum she is trying to have another baby, she had two miscarriages and you are off fucking god knows who.” My father is silent just looking at me.

“Who told you about the miscarriages, and trying to have another baby?”

“Kat did, mum told her today, with Kat’s mum Helena, while they were having coffee. So what you don’t want another baby…..because you sure as hell don’t respect your wife, my mother, to do what you have done.” I start to shout.

“Yes, your mother wants another baby; i am doing this for her Edward. I do respect your mother; i love and adore your mother.”

I start to laugh. “What… so what you have done, you see that as respect, as love. Please make me understand, because right now, i fucking don’t. Why… why fuck around on mum, and why fucking girls half your age…it really doesn’t matter their age, why do it at all?”

“You do know right, that twenty six year old is only fucking you for who you are, for your money. She gets her claws into you…then what you fuck mum off, like something disposable, throw away over twenty years of marriage, so you can fuck a twenty six year old. 
And what the fuck would happen if you got that twenty six year old pregnant, then how do you deal with that?” My dad says nothing, obviously my words a wake-up call, making him see they are only after his money, and who is.

“So what you don’t want a baby, you are just doing this to make mum happy?”

“Yes i want another baby, and yes i want to make your mum happy as well, we have tried for years to have another child…that’s why your mum went to see a specialist.”

“And what there is something wrong with her, with you?”

“No, it is just when you get over thirty, it can be harder to get pregnant; not all women, but some like your mum. I do support your mum with this Edward.”

“Edward…it’s not that simple, things have been different, since your brother died.”

“Don’t you fucking dare…. don’t you fucking dare bring my brother into this.” I shout at him, wave my hands at him.  I begin to cry, i could feel the tears running down my face…my voice choked up.

“He was my brother…my twin dad, he was part of me. I stood there, i watching him die… he died in front of me… not in front of you. A part of me died that day, but you don’t see me out fucking everything in sight.”

“So don’t you fucking dare use my brother as an excuse for your being fucked up, for your infidelity? I live with my brother’s death every single day, every day i think of him…so don’t you fucking dare.” My words now choked with emotion. My father moves towards me, i put my hands up to stop him. I wipe the tears from my face with the back of my hand.

I walk to the coffee table take the packages off the table, hand them to my father. “You will get a bill for 20 million dollars, in the next few days, you will give these to mum tonight at dinner, and you will kiss her feet, you will fucking adore her dad, and you mean it.”

“If you don’t change, if you don’t stop this, you will lose me, you will not have a son.” My father opens the boxes, looking at the diamonds, the he looks at me, could see the tears in his eyes, from my words.

“You picked these out, they are beautiful. I will Edward; i will give them to your mother. Please Edward, i don’t want to lose your son. I will do whatever it takes, to make this up to you and your mother.”

“You are fucking god dam right you will…you are going to shower mom with gifts, pamper her, you are going to fucking honor your wedding vowels, you made to mum.” I say firm, my eyes piercing through to my dad, looking him in the eyes as i spoke.

“Mum is never going to know of this dad, do you hear me… never. It would fucking kill her, if she found out. You are going to start spending more time with her.
I have organized for you and mum to join Kat and me in a few days… mum doesn’t know yet, so you can’t say anything…it is meant to be a surprise.
Kat still doesn’t know where we are going, so i would appreciate it if you didn’t say it out loud. You are going to take time off, two weeks, and fucking adore your wife.”

“The company isn’t going anywhere. When was the last time you took mum somewhere, on a trip?’ Fucking years ago. It all ends now dad, i mean it.” I say firm, not relenting with my words.

“I will, i will do that Edward.”

“Mum has no idea we have had words, and she won’t know either, tonight at dinner, we will be a family, OK.”

“Yes i agree.”

“Your next personal assistant better be gay, i want last say on whom it will be as well.” I say, my dad has a small laugh, probably at the gay bit, like Kat and i did.

“Now what’s this about security, and death threats?” My voice now softer, but harsh still. I ask now changing the subject, i was exhausted, talking about him and his fucked up ways.

I still had to confront my father by the rest of his perverted life, but that wasn’t going to happen tonight…i only had the strength to deal with this tonight. And i would never have this conversation with Kat around to hear.

“A series of notes have come, making threats to me, to you, your sister, your mum, our family. It started off as one note, then it has increased, and dead animals have arrived in packages. We have involved the FBI, they are taking them seriously, there has been threats of a bomb as well.”

“OK…so Jarrod and my team are up to speed?” Jarrod looks over at me, i look at him.

“Just tonight sir, we have had the full brief.” Jarrod says from the side line.

“OK, well Jarrod is in charge of my team, so they answer to him and to me, no one else. I want Kat protected, i don’t want her scared by any of this.” I say…looking at my father then at Jarrod. Jarrod nods.

“No i agree, her safety is paramount son. I know how much you love her…She is part of your life now.”

“I am so glad you finally see that, and accept it.” “It’s getting late, Kat and i still have to get ready for dinner, shower and change.”

“Are you driving back…flying back to the estate to get ready?” i ask, my tone now softer as i spoke.

“No i have a change of clothes at my office, your mother is meeting me there.” My father says.

“Then you should go and get changed, don’t forget the jewellery dad.”

“Tonight is about Kat dad, this is her birthday celebration, since we won’t be here. So will you please respect her, don’t talk about other women. She is the woman i am going to marry dad. I need you to realize this.”

“I do, i respect Kaitlin son, i love her like a daughter-in-law already. I know it’s about Kat, this is for her birthday. I have a special birthday gift for her, from your mother and me.”

“Thank you dad.” I say softer, even though i was still mad as hell at him.

Dad finished his drink, throwing back the last of the scotch, moving towards me, embracing me; i stood barely with my arms around him. He gave me a smile, picked up the box, then walked towards the lift with Jarrod behind him.”

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