Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 20

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 20

“Kat and i will take the BMW, your guys can follow in the Range Rover.” I instruct.

“I will take those sir.” Antonio says picking up our two carry bags, with our change of clothes.

We walked to the lift, I held Kat around her waist as she walked in, our security standing silent as we made our descent to the underground garage. We had four cars, the BMW i8, two range rovers, a black one and a white one and a red Ferrari.
The Ferrari a graduation present from my parents, the BMW i8 is something i had bought, i just loved the look of the car, and she drove like a dream.
My father had quite the collection of cars…over two hundred, some vintage, some classics and others the latest model sports cars. 
I had grown up driving fast cars, sports cars, i had driven every one of his cars, dad taught Alister and me to drive when we were around eight, we would sit on his knee, steer, drive his old classics with him around the drive way. 
Those memories bought a smile to my face. I can still remember my father laughing as we drove, Alister and i would take in turns, i would sit in the passenger seat, while Alister was on dads knee.

 Dad would say "steer this way son, no turn the other son...thats right, we will make a race car driver out of you yet." My dad laughed a lot back then. But when Alister died, the laughter stopped, the sadness took over. Nothing was ever the same.

I helped Kat into the BMW i8, then closing the door, my security getting into one of the range rovers, the black one. The security door opened, lifting for us to exit. We slowly made our way out onto the street, with our security right behind.

Kat settled back into her seat, i had put on some music, just softly. “We just need to make a stop at my mums on the way babe.” I say.

“OK no worries.”

“Hungry.” I ask, as i reach for her hand, holding it in the middle of the both of us.

“A little, but i can wait for breakfast.” She says.

“We will get some soon, i know i am starving.” Just then Kat's phone began to ring.

“Hi mum. Just a minute, Edward and i are in the car driving, to go riding, i will just put you on speaker.”

“Good morning Edward.” Helena says very chirpy.

“Good morning Helena.” I say smiling, thinking of the Kamasutra book... the pages Helena had marked off for Kat and me to try out.

“I have to thank you Helena for the pages, you marked off for Kat... Kamasutra.” I say with a huge grin. Kat gives me a look of pure shock at what i said..squeezing my hand.

Helena laughs. “You are very welcome Edward, glad you are putting the book to good use…The both of you can learn so much from that book.” When i glance over Kat’s cheeks were flush. I just smile at her, bringing her hand to my lips kissing it.

“I was wondering if i could have lunch today with you Kat, you don’t mind do you Edward?” Helena asks.

“Of course i don’t mind.”

“Since you are going riding, you will be near the house; we can have lunch there hunny. I am working from home today.”

“Sounds good mum, i will see you around 11.30- 12.00.?” Kat says.

“Perfect hunny, i will see you then.” Kat ends the call.

I take Kat’s hand to my mouth kissing, it softly again. She looked at me smiling, her eyes sparkling. Kat had the most alluring green eyes, stunning and beautiful full lips… she was a very alluring, beautiful women. 
I saw the way other guys looked at, she didn't seem to notice though, she had no idea, really how beautiful she is. Her generous and caring.

“That’s OK... you haven’t made the reservation for lunch have you babe.” Kat asks.

“Of course it’s OK” i smile reassuring her. 
“No i haven’t made it yet…it will give your mum and you a chance to catch up, and i can get my errands done.” I say as we continue our drive to my parent’s estate.

We were driving the last miles to my parents; Kat was looking out the window, staring at the Barkley estate. “It beautiful isn’t it.” I say watching her.

“It is, i have always loved that place, its grace, the history, it grandeur... i always imagined myself living there. I wonder what it’s like inside. I bet many years ago there was the most lavish parties and balls there...the men in their tails, ladies in beautiful gowns, dancing.?” I could see Kat picturing all of that by the way she was looking out the window.

“It’s just as beautiful, i have been many times…grande old lady of the area…Barkley estate. It has about twenty acres of land as well.  
My mum always said she wants to buy it if it ever comes up for sale, restore it to its full grandeur.
I think old Mrs Levi will have to die first before it's ever sold...there would a lot of people wanting it also, people with a lot of money i would say, i well imagine it will fetch a hefty price.”

“Does it need a lot of work?”

“No not really, just refreshing, some work, not a great deal. It has a stunning indoor heated pool, massive stables. I can see if we can have a tour when we get from our holiday if you want. 
I am sure old Mrs Levi won’t mind. I used to play over there with Alistair, she would have her cook bake us the most amazing biscuits."
"I can remember, her sitting us down and telling us incredible stories...her family originally from Europe, old money.
She told us how they got to America. They built the house, her husband was in mining. 
I feel a little guilty actually, i haven't been to see her since we moved back from New must be a year since i have seen her." 

"Yes it would be just over year, at her husband's funeral”

“She is a really lovely old lady, you would adore her Kat and i know she would adore you also.”

“I am sure i would like her as well. I would really like a tour, if it could be arranged.” Kat says, as started to slow down to the turn into my parents drive-way.

We had arrived at my parents; there were extra security on at the gates, more than usual. Large iron gates with the signature of my family, in iron on them..... my parents estate fenced all the way around, with cameras everywhere.
They knew me, the cars, letting us straight in. We drove down the long drive way, down to the stables, stopping, then getting out, going around to Kat’s side and opening the door for her to exit.

Mum came out from inside the stables, dressed in her riding clothes. “Good morning Hunny, good morning Kaitlin.” She says greeting the both of us with a hug and kiss.

“Good morning Mrs Grey, have you been riding, or about to go?’ Kat says.

“Been hunny.”

I signaled to our stable master, he acknowledged me. Kat looked up and her two horses came walking out with two of our stable hands leading them.
She looked at me smiling, but confused.

“I hope you don’t mind i had your horses bought over, it made more sense to keep them here, more room, twenty four seven care, we have the indoor arena, where you can ride as well.”

“Edward, thank you…no i love the idea, thank you babe.” Kat hugs me, then kisses my lips, still smiling.

“Also, babe, happy birthday.” Just then Kat’s surprise walks out with another one of the stable hands, a white Andalusian mare.

“Edward…no way…you bought me a horse, an Andalusian, really she is mine.” Kat was so excited tears fell down her cheeks, hugging and kissing me.

“Yes baby, she is all yours, i know it’s not your birthday for two days, but we won’t be here, and i wanted to surprise you before we left." 

"You said you always wanted an Andalusian, so i bought you one.”

“Baby, thank you, thank you” Kat couldn’t stop kissing me. My mom's face lit up, watching Kat, watching us together.

“When did you buy her, you kept that a well hidden secret?” Kat asks as we walk over to her new mare.

“Months ago hunny, i had her imported from Spain, it was hard hiding her from you trust me.”

“Can i ride her, is that OK?”

“Baby, she is your horse; of course you can ride her.”

“Whats her name..does she have a name?” Kat asks still so excited.

“She does, it is means beautiful Dove. She is three years old babe, she has been schooled, excellent temperament.” i say still smiling watching Kat, her still so lit up with excitement.

“Paloma...that is a beautiful name, and so well suited since she is white like a dove. Kat strokes her nose, kisses her.” “Hello Paloma, you are so beautiful, yes you are.” Kat says to her horse so softly.

“Does she know English commands, since she is from Spain?” Kat asks.

“Umm…not really babe, she is used to been spoken to in Spanish, we both know Spanish, enough to get us by….you will have to teach her the English also, to those commands.” 

“Andalusian s are very smart horses, she will figure it out very fast. Besides Carlos, is Spanish, he can teach her English.” Carlos was our leading horse trainer for our horses, he was also from Barcelona. He trained our Polo Horses, and was the one who helped me buy her, the stud where she came from.

Our lead hand took the mare to saddle her up. “I have breakfast, while you wait.” Mum says. She had a beautiful buffet set up by the stables.

“Help yourself gentlemen.” Mum says to my security.

I sat down with mum, while Kat went to the stables, to inspect her horse. I helped myself to coffee and a croissant, while i watched Kat.

“Old Mrs Levi, at the Barkley estate, i would like to take Kat on a tour of the place when we get back from our trip. You know Mrs Barkley well, well better than i do...would you mind asking her for me mum. Kat loves the place, she hasn't been on the grounds or in the house, i wanted to show her.”

“Of course hunny, i know Mrs Levi wouldn’t mind, in fact i know she would be happy to see you again. I visit her every week, she always asks about you. 
She is so proud of you, you are like a son to her hunny. She is so lonely there by herself. 
I have told her all about Kaitlin, i know she would really love to see you, meet Kaitlin.” My mother replies.

“I feel bad now i haven't been to see her since i moved back from New York. Kat and i have just been so busy, what with moving into the apartment, it's only been a month since we have both been back here.” i reply in-between bites of my croissant and watching Kat.

“How was your ride mum, it has turned out a beautiful morning, a great day for riding.”

“It was good thank you hunny, i have been working with one of the new horses, the Chestnut Gelding, the one with four white socks, Macey.”

“Yes...i know the one, how’s he going.”

“Good, he will be ready for the field soon, Carlos says.”

“That's good, i will take him for a spin when we get back, i am a bit rusty, i need to get back into the game. How’s dad's team going, had many wins, of late?”

“Good, a few, they are now rated know your father only first will do, he is pulling out all the stops, to be in first place. I know your father would love you to start playing polo with him again, he loves spending time with you hunny, this is a good way for you both to bond as well.” i grin, then laugh.

        “Yes, i know..he always has to be number one mum.” Mum just smiles, as we continues to watch Kaitlin with her new horse.

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