Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 6

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 6

“Yes we are all having dinner in the city with Kaitlin’s parents before we go, mum has the details.” I replied, Kaitlin remained silent still holding onto my hand tightly.

“OK i will see you then, so nice to see you again also Kaitlin.” My father replies with a smile, he knew Kaitlin was nervous around him. My father had such a large presence in any room.

“Thank you Mr Grey.” Kaitlin replies with a warm smile.

We walked out of his office i squeezed her hand rubbing the top her hand with my finger. “His bark is harmless Hun, my father adores you.” I say, Kaitlin just smiles.

Mum was waiting at the front door walking us to the SUV, hugging and kissing us once more before we leave; she is still waving as we drive down the long driveway of their gated estate.

“That wasn’t too painful was it, having lunch with my parents?” i asked Kaitlin as we drove back towards our home, a forty minute drive away.

“No it was fine, i love your mum; it’s your dad who intimidates me. Your mum she is wonderful, very much like my mum. I think your mum is lonely in that big house; i got that sense when i was talking to her. She misses your sister, she misses having a girl to fuss over.” Kaitlin says. I reached over taking her hand bringing it to my lips, gently kissing the back of it then laying her hand on my leg holding it as i drove.

“I think mum is lonely also, dad said he was semi retiring they were meant to be spending more time together, traveling, hasn’t really happened. Since mum gave up the gallery she has nothing to fill her days. Dad's not there, he quite often doesn’t get home until eight; then he is on the phone still conducting business. Mum she never says anything; she never puts her foot down. Mum loved the gallery, i think my father was the reason she gave it up. Now all she does is some painting in her studio.”

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