Shades of Grey by Edward Grey page 2

 Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son
Chapter 1 page 2

I have managed to put all the contents of the folder back without Kaitlin seeing any of it.
"No babe you have done anything wrong, i am sorry for snapping at you. Just reminiscing that’s all."

"Shall we go back down stairs?" i said now leaning in to kiss her; then standing extending my hand to help her to her feet.

"Sure as long as you are sure nothing is wrong" Kaitlin says with a smile.

"Yes babe, everything is fine, really." I quickly tucked the folder into a box of books taking the box with us downstairs.

I had to confront my father and i needed to do so without Kaitlin, i didn't want her tainted by this, by my father, and whatever the fuck he was into.
Kaitlin and i had been dating for a year we met at uni, she is also studying medicine, her father one of the leading surgeons in Seattle, we had just moved into together, a penthouse apartment, a gift to Katlin from her parents, for her graduation.
It was spacious, modern, views of the water, three bedrooms as well as a spacious study we both shared.

Katlin was more than the women i loved she was also my best friend; she was the one i saw myself with for the rest of my life. We shared everything; we didn’t have secrets from each other, how long was i going to have keep this one; the secret i had now stumbled onto of my father’s?

I still remember the talks by my father about sex and girls, dating, first when i was around fourteen was the mild sex talk, then a little more detail when i was sixteen, at eighteen i get the full version by my father.

I went away to university to Harvard, that’s also where i met Kaitlin. I lived off campus with two friends, we shared a house together.

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