Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 13

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 13

I returned to the bedroom Kaitlin was under the Doona, propped up with pillows behind her, the smile on her face; said it all. We had only been in our apartment together for two weeks, Kaitlin and i had gone shopping together for furniture and furnishings, our style and tastes very similar. Main bedroom very important a big bed, so we went with a King size, with a Moroccan wood carved bed head with matching side tables and dressers. We had white linen; and a selection of silk cushions, in aqua, reds, purples and gold, which we could change around when we wanted. We had a huge plasma TV on the wall so we could watch TV in bed.

Basically the entire apartment was a mix of modern, Moroccan, a huge sofa with sections you could move around so we could lay and watch our other big TV and relax together, or enjoy watching the game with friends. Mum had helped us with artwork, since she owned her own gallery, mum and dad also wanted to contribute to our apartment as well. Kaitlin’s parents bought us our electrical appliances, not that i couldn’t afford to buy them; but it was also their contribution, they insisted on it. We had everything we needed, we had made this a home we both loved, and would enjoy together.

I walked to the bed handing Kaitlin her water, then lying down beside her. “What do you feel like in the way of dishes babe?” i asked opening the menu for us to both view together.
“Umm, two chicken dishes, beef, duck, prawns, rice, noodles, vegetable dish, spring rolls, is that enough?” She asks.

“Yes babe its more than enough, good choice.” I picked up the house phone from the side table placing our order, then paying for it with my card over the phone. “Half an hour, OK” then i gave them the address to deliver to.

“You look very cute, like an Angel buried under the doona, maybe i should join you?” i say with a grin.
“I think you should join me also. Did you know that a woman’s orgasm can last for four hours?” Kat asks grinning.

“Well i didn’t before, but i do now. So is this a hint for four hours of foreplay and more sex?” i say teasing her with my words, smiling the whole time, grinning like a Cheshire cat.
“It could be; you managed more than four hours the other night as i recall.” Kat grins.

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