Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 11

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 11

always please me, you make me feel, i don’t know, so relaxed, so loved, you take me to a whole new level that i could never have imagined, when we make love. I know you would never hurt me baby.” Kaitlin says then she kisses my lips.

“I want you to feel this way babe always, tell me if i am doing something wrong, i am still learning, am i always want to please you, i love exploring your body, finding out your little pleasure zones, i love hearing you, watching you, i never want you to feel embarrassed by this.”

“We are both still learning Edward; trust me you are doing everything right. I don’t feel embarrassed, you never make me feel this way; you make me feel so at ease with my own body. Do i please you?”

“Do you please me? God yes baby, so much. I love everything, i love your body, your beautiful pert little bottom, your breasts, your soft full lips, your beautiful green eyes, that sparkle when you laugh, and light up so green when you are in the thralls of ecstasy, when we make love. I love your freckles and your scars, i love every little thing.” I say as i begin to kiss her scars. They were scars from surgery when she was younger, she almost died, her scars now a permanent reminder of that time of her life.

I moved my mouth to her belly, kissing her soft skin, unfastening the button of her jeans and gently sliding them down her body along with her lace panties, her naked body now exposed to me. “I need you, you are so precious to me Kat; i need you right now, to feel your body, to make love to you.” My fingers tease and tantalize, softly, slowly, moving up her thighs as we began to explore each other, making love.

I could feel her skin begin to warm as her senses become aroused at my touch, the feel of her breath on my neck, the warmth of her lips, as she kissed mine, tasting them, tasting her tongue as it curled around in my mouth, with our kiss of passion.

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