Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 4

 Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter 1 page 4

Kaitlin comes from a very prestigious family, we both just clicked the very first time we were introduced to each other on a blind date, set up by my best mate Brandon and his girlfriend Amanda. I was sitting in this overcrowded restaurant with Brandon, his girlfriend Amanda was bringing someone for me to meet. The last thing i wanted was a blind date, but i went along with it under sufferance to shut Brandon up. The moment i saw Kaitlin walk in that door, i couldn’t take my eyes off her. There was just something about her, and i hadn’t even spoken to her yet. She was a stunning beauty; a beautiful smile, infectious laugh, intelligent, thoughtful and caring of others. We hit it off immediately and that was it, we were both basically inseparable from that day.

We had reached the bottom of the stairs. “I am just going to put this in the Range Rover babe” I said to Katlin holding onto the box.
OK sure, i will be in the kitchen.” She replied with her beautiful smile.

I returned making my way to the kitchen, Katlin and my mum were sitting at the dining table deep in conversation. My mother adored her, and already treated Katlin like one of the family; secretly my mum had a girl to fuss over with my sister being away at school.

“Where’s dad.” I asked as entered the kitchen leaning over the back of Kaitlin’s chair, wrapping my arms around her, then leaning over and kissing her beautiful soft full lips. She looked up at me smiling, precipitating the kiss.

“He is in his office taking a phone call, some problem he has to sort out.” My mother replies still smiling watching the both of us together.
“Did you get what you wanted from the attic hunny?” my mother asks.

“Yes, for now.”
“We should get going, thanks for lunch mum, i will just go and say goodbye to dad.”

“We love having you always hunny; this is still your home.” My mother hugs me then kisses my cheek.

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