Betrayed and lied to.... more secrets to uncover

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

This is an extract from chapter one. There are quite a few pages here, just taken randomly out of the first chapter.. a continuation from page 20.

Betrayed and lied to.... more secrets to uncover

“You have made Kat's morning hunny, i love that you are so happy my darling, i see how much you love each other.”

“I do mum, she is the one, the only one i want to be with, i want to spend my life with her mum. Was it like that when you and dad met?”

“I can see that..... Yes hunny it was exactly like that. Even with your father being eight years older than me, i was your age, when i met your father; we were married six months later. You know in your heart hunny, when the right person has come along, i can see that with you and Kat.”

“Are you happy with dad still mum, do you still have the same passion for each other, as you did when you first met?” I needed some answers, but i couldn’t come out and just say why.

“Yes hunny, i am happy, the passion is still there.. yes... but it is different.”

“Different how... dad does still love you doesn’t he?”

“Yes baby your father still loves me. When your brother died, a part of your father died also. It hit him harder than he shows Edward. That’s why he is so protective of you, and your sister. He has always wanted the absolute best for you hunny; he would do anything for you. 
You know that right…he loves Kaitlin, he loves seeing you so happy with her.” Mum holds my hand on the table squeezing it, reassuring me.

“Has dad ever cheated on you, with anyone, is it something you worry about, think about?”

“No hunny, your father has never cheated on me, well not to my knowledge; i think i would know if he had.”

“Do you miss him, miss the old him…dad said he was going to spend more time with you, so you could both travel together, he seems to spend more time away than before.”

“Yes hunny i miss him, i miss the old person he was, he still is that person; he just hides it, with the pain of losing your brother. He buried himself into work, hunny, so he didn’t have to feel the pain, i understand him in a different way to what you do. 
He has always wanted you and your sister to run the companies, especially you, why do you think he groomed you so hard, wanted to teach you everything, he wants you to be close to him hunny. I know a part of him is sad that you’re not going to, but you have to choose your path also Edward, you chose to be a doctor, to heal people. He loves you so much Edward, you and your sister.”

“I love him also mum, sometimes though… and especially of late, i feel as though i really don’t know him, not the real him.” There it was, i said it to my mum, i could never tell her what i found, what i discovered about my dad, i am now surer than ever my mother had no idea, about my father’s secret life.

“What do you mean hunny, you don’t know your father, especially of late?” As i was about to try and find some answer to give my mother, Kat caught my attention, wanting me to watch her, as she rode.

“Can we talk later mum?” i ask smiling at Kat, welcoming the distraction to the conversation with my mum.

“Yes of course hunny, you know i am always here for you, to talk to, about anything.” Mum says with a reassuring smile.

I walked over to the arena, standing watching Kat. “Are you coming for a ride babe, can we go down into the woods?” Kat asked proud, sitting astride her beautiful new mare, her Andalusian.

“Yes hunny, we can go where ever you want.” One of my horses was already saddled for me; i took hold of the reigns from the stable hand, putting my foot into the stirrup, hosting myself over the saddle, making myself comfortable.  

The gate to the arena was opened and we walked on through. “Just take it easy babe, she is still getting used to her surroundings, all of this is new to her, she has more fire than your other horses.” I say as i watched her, as we walked. Her horse snorted, and pounced along, head under, tail high, so majestically.

“I will; i am still getting the feel of her also. Thank you babe for the best birthday present i could have ever wished for. Did my mum and dad know; you were getting me a horse?” Kat says smiling, then blowing me a kiss.

I smiled back, “I would buy you the world baby, to see you this happy. Yes baby they knew, they helped me keep the surprise.” I say as we continued our ride.

Once Kat felt a little more comfortable, we moved into a slow canter, riding along the trail through the forest on our property. The smile never left her face, i would look over watching her, so beautiful seated enjoying our ride. An hour had passed we made our way back to the stables…the stable hands taking the horses from us to cool down.

“Hungry, i know i am.” I say as i pull Kat into my arms, just holding her, then i kiss her lips.
“Starving, thank you again.” Kat says, as i held her.

“You are very welcome baby.” We walked over to the seating where my mother had the food, mum was sitting reading the paper.

“Did you have a good ride the both of you?” She asks putting her paper to the side.

“Wonderful.... thank you for raising such a wonderful son Catherine.” Kat says standing behind my mom's chair reaching around her, hugging her so tight, then kissing her on the cheek. My mother’s face lit up, smiling.

“Oh hunny, you finally called me Catherine, you are very welcome my darling, i can see how happy you make each other, how much in love you both are, it brings so much happiness to me, to see the both of you this way.” My mother replies, as Kat then sits down next to her.

We both help ourselves to breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, croissant, and coffee.

“What are your plans for the rest of the day?” mum asks the both of us.

“After i have finished riding, i am going to mums for lunch, to catch up.” Kat says in-between bites of her food.

“I have lots of errands to run, before we leave tomorrow morning.” I say.

“What time's your flight in the morning hunny?”

“We have to be at the airport by 11.00AM, Kat and i still have to finish packing, not much left to pack though, just a few things.” I say.

“Do you want me to do anything, in the apartment, while you are away?”

“Actually if you could get a cleaner for us, that would be a big help mum, i was going to interview someone when we get back. I want someone to come in each day, clean, cook meals for us, that sort of thing, do the grocery shopping.”

“OK, yes hunny i can arrange that, it would be my pleasure.”

We enjoyed a leisurely morning, talking about horses, life, and love, the morning had gone so fast. Kat and i changed out of our riding clothes, thanking my mum for breakfast and brunch.

“Have fun with your mum, baby, i will see you back home, take your time, i will probably be out for a while, it will give you a chance to really catch up with your mum. Christoph and Antonio are staying with you.” I say as i embrace Kat next to the range-rover.

Jarrod gets in the passenger seat of my BMW i8 with Kat and her security behind us, i wave out the window, then put my foot down leaving them in the distance. 
Forty minutes later we were in the city, i pulled up next to the curbed outside a specialized jewellery store, who designed exclusive pieces at a price. I had more surprises in store for Kat, but this one was for her actual birthday, for her to open on the day.

I took my phone out of the cradle, sending Kat a text message.

Missing you, missing you delicious soft lips, your soft warm skin, your rare nectar, as sweet as honey, your eyes, that sparkle, more brilliantly than diamonds, the feel of your naked body next to mine, as i hold you, make love to you…i love you my sweet Angel, my Kat…be mine for eternity. I think the dragon might want to play when you get home.

A reply almost instantly…You made me cry, you made my mum cry, missing you always baby, i would be so disappointed if the dragon didn’t come out to play, Yes baby i will be yours for eternity, I love you.”
Kaitlin 12.53PM

I walked inside with Jarrod, a smile on my face that i could wipe off; the store owner, an older sophisticated gentlemen of European origin…. French, Mr Marché greeted me, as his assistants saw to other customers.

“My Grey, i will just get the package.” He says as he greets me with a smile with his strong accent.
He returns almost instantly, showing me the contents inside, so i could examine it.
“Just as you requested Mr Grey, one very lucky lady Sir.” He says with his genuine smile, watching me, as i smiled reading the engraving.

“I am the lucky one, Mr Marché … c'est parfait.” I had over my platinum credit card to pay for it, while Jarrod stands watching to the side. I could see the other customers watching, their ears almost peaking up, as they heard my name, our family obviously well known to all.

“Meric Mr Marché” My package was wrapped up, i placed my card back into my wallet, Jarrod and i left the store, getting back into the BMW i8, doing a few more errands before i returned back to the apartment. We both grabbed a quick bite along the way, a kebab.

I went to my briefcase putting the package into my case; i finished my packing, then making my way to the office to check my emails. There was one from the tech guys at my company, a subsidiary i opened up, in the same building as my fathers, we designed software, games and such.

My mind was immediately distracted by the box that was tucked away in the cupboard, i want to know more, to what was going on. Kat wasn’t here; i was alone for several more hours. I took the box, opening it taking out the contents, the books that were also inside the box as well. 
I don’t know what made me open the pages of one of the books, but i did, it wasn’t a book as such but a book with a false inside at the back, there was a hidden hard drive, the other four books the same.

Of course i was curious, i took the drives over to the computer, connecting the first one to the cable, the drive opened, they were video files in one folder, dated, then in another pictures also dated, then a document folder also dated. I clicked the document folder first. 

There were at least a dozen documents, they were copies of contracts, between my father and women, their names, dates, signatures, what was required of them, detailed in the documents. The dates, they were only a year old. Basically my father had engaged these women, for sex, for their services, and there was a list of requirements he expected from them.
The list was long, some things i had never ever heard of before. There was further proof my father was cheating on my mother. I opened the pictures folder, more pictures of the same women in the folder, during sex, in all sorts of ways, some sort of sex room, with all sorts of equipment. 

My heart was racing, not from being aroused at what i saw, i was hurt angry, disgusted, i felt betrayed, just like my mother would be if she ever knew about any of this.

I opened the video file folder. There were over fifty files, i clicked the first, it was my father naked, with a young women, she looked around Kat's age, in the same sex dungeon, handcuffed to a device, he was doing whatever he wanted, sexually violent, perverted. I couldn’t watch any more. 
I opened more files they were all the same, different women, different things he was doing, their bodies marked, from whip marks, cut, red, bruised…it was the most violent sadist thing i had ever seen. The dates on the video files, some were as old as two weeks ago. These women, much younger than my father, in their twenties, no older than thirty, my father was about to turn fifty years old.

I couldn’t watch any more, i packed everything back up, leaving one drive out, taping up the box, placing it on the bottom of other boxes, pushing it right to the back of the storage cupboard.

I opened my search browser, typing in sex room, then sadist. First the meaning, what it entailed, then going to images. Fuck…what the fuck was this, this is what my father was doing, he was violating these women, sexually abusing them, as his play toys, for what reason, so he could get off, with violence, and pain.

My mum she had no idea, that is one thing i did know, she had no idea about any of this, my father fucking other women behind her back. If my mother knew, this would absolutely devastate her. I could never tell Kat this; let her know, not after what she revealed last night about being raped. 
What my father was doing to these women, he was raping them, they were tied up, i saw what he did, he was sexually violating them, hurting them, the evidence was clear, with the marks on their bodies, watching what he did with whips, and belts, their tears that fell down their face, asking him to stop, but he kept going, so caught up in the frenzy of his sexual gratification.

I had to talk to someone about all of this shit, it was doing my head in, seeing all of this, now not knowing at all who my father really was. Kat’s brother a Psychologist and his partner were meeting us on our holiday; i would talk to him about it, to find a way to confront my father, to also understand what i had just seen. 

I didn’t want this spoiling my trip with Kat, of course i wanted to scream and yell at my father, call him every name under the sun. But i also knew my father, and i knew how he could get, he had a temper, not physical, but verbal. But after seeing what i had just saw, he obviously had a physical temper also, and he took it out on these young women. I password protected the hard drive that was still attached to the computer; then placed it in my briefcase, so i could show Kat’s brother, Tristan.

Just then my phone began to ring; it was my office, Ben who ran things for me.
“Hi Ben.”

“Hi Edward, sorry to bother you, i know you are leaving on your trip tomorrow, i need your input on some coding we are having trouble with, would you have time to drop by the office?” he says.

“Its fine, yes sure, i can be there in twenty minutes.” I say then ending the call.

I called Jarrod on my phone letting him know we were leaving immediately for my dad’s company to my offices there. My mood had changed, i couldn’t focus, my anger taking over.

Jarrod hopped in the passenger seat of the BMW i8, i squealed the wheels out on to the street, Jarrod look over at me hanging onto the side door handle.

“You might want to slow down Edward, is there something wrong?” he says.

“Yes everything is wrong Jarrod.... fucking everything.” I say, backing slightly off the accelerator.

“Do you want to talk about it, has something happened with Kaitlin?” he asks with genuine concern in his voice.

I looked at him. “No it’s not Kaitlin.... everything is fine with her; it’s my fucking father.

You have a father right, has your father ever made you so angry, so fucking mad you want to punch the shit out of something, you can see straight, the anger is so built up?” i ask as we continue to drive.

“He has made me plenty angry over the years... yes, but i say by your anger, your dad has done something pretty bad to make you like this Edward, i have never seen you ever this mad, you don’t do mad. Do you want to talk about it?”

“He has Jarrod, i wish i could talk about it with you, but i can’t, i can’t talk about it with anyone, especially not Kat.” I reply my tone now softer.

“Well i am here, Edward if you need to vent, i am here.... just want you to know, even if you can’t say what your father has done.”

“You worked for my father right, with security, part of his detail before being assigned to me?”

“Yes that’s right.”

“You…what went on his trips, out of state, out of the country with him?”

“Yes along with other security, why where is this going.”

“I think you might have a guess where this is going Jarrod?”

“No not really, would you like to enlighten me to what we are talking about.” He asks.

“We are talking about taking my father to his secret penthouse stashes, that he uses to fuck other women, and they are not my mother.” I looked over at Jarrod, the look on his face; he knew what i was talking about.

“It wasn’t my place to ask questions Edward, just to protect your father.

“So i am right, you did take him to his secret penthouse apartments, where he was fucking women?” i ask once more.

“Yes we took him to apartments, as what was going on inside, i don’t know Edward, i never saw, your father didn’t leave the apartments with any women, but yes.... he did have women come over and stay.”

“How long Jarrod.... how long has this been going on, that you know off?”

“I don’t know Edward, as long as i have worked for your family, thats all i know... of course i don’t approve Edward, but i work for your father, for you now. How did you find out any of this anyway?”

“Let’s just say my father was careless, and no my mother doesn’t know, nor does Kat, and they are never going to either.”

“So what.... we are going to your father’s office, for you to confront him?”

“No i have business there, in my tech department, of course i want to confront my father, but now is not the time, not with Kat and i leaving on our trip tomorrow, confronting my father is going to have to wait. 
I need time to figure out what to say to him, how to say it, i have no idea at this stage, i am still trying to deal with all of this.”

“This stays between just you and me Jarrod, no one else, especially not my father.”

“Yes of course, that goes without saying.”

We had arrived at my father’s office building, thirty stories high. Pulling up out front in VIP reserved parking. Jarrod followed me inside, security tight, more than usual; they acknowledged us as we walked though. We took the VIP elevator to the twenty sixth floor, where the main office of my company was located, we had three floors. 

I also owed a quarter of my father’s company, signed over to me on my twenty first birthday, my mother owned a slice as did my sister and my father, his and my company privately owned we had no shareholders, or board to answer to. I was one of the youngest Billionaires in the USA, my worth, i hadn’t really calculated it, it was up there, around fifty billion dollars, growing every day.

I had charities set, donating profits giving back where i could, i yes lived very comfortably, i had done my entire life, but i also respected my wealth, and others, who didn’t have what i had. 
I didn’t live the life of a multi-billionaire, sure i had toys, cars, jets, helicopters, nice home, but i didn’t flaunt it either, i didn’t do things to draw attention to myself, or my wealth, that just wasn’t me. I didn’t go partying, get drunk, do drugs, gamble, unless you call gambling with the stock market a gamble, which yes, it always was, i am talking about casino gambling, that wasn’t for me.

We had arrived at my office going inside; Ben was there to greet us along with the secretaries looking after the front desk.

“Thanks for coming Edward.” Ben says, shaking my hand.

“Not a problem, i don’t have a lot of time, shall we just get straight to it, what seems to be the problem?”

Ben began to explain to me what they were having difficulty with, a line of coding in their new program, which was causing problems; i examined the coding, sitting down at the computer. Typing away, adding code, then trying the new configuration, i did this a number of times, finally jackpot, it worked. 
My father said i was a natural a geniuses, i had an IQ of 190, coding, tinkering with anything electrical i could do in my sleep, it just came natural to me, the same as my brother, when he was alive. We both developed our first gaming app at the age of nine.

“See that is why you are the geniuses.” Ben says. I just chuckle, not in the mood for chit chat.

“How is everything, going well?” i ask looking around at all the tech guys at their desks working hard.

“Everything is good.” Ben replies.

“Good to hear, well if that’s all, i will leave you to it.” I say. Ben thanked me once more as we left.

Jarrod and i head to the elevator, i went to press the button down, but my finger pressed to the top floor, my father’s office. Jarrod looked at me.
“Are you sure this is wise Edward, you don’t want to do something you will regret?” He says.

“Yes i am sure, i am not going to confront him with it all, just some, i want to….No i need to see if my father lies to me, i need to know Jarrod.”

We arrived at my father’s office floor, five secretaries at the large modern front desk. The sign behind them, large metal letters……. Grey Corporation….. Mathew E Grey, Edward M Grey, Allister A Grey…. my middle name after my father. My brother was Allister Andrew Grey, who passed away when we were ten, my twin brother. My father had added my brother’s name to the plaque a number of years ago.

“Good afternoon Mr Grey.” The ladies all said stopping, flashing their white teeth at me as they smiled.

“Good afternoon; is my father in?” i asked, not smiling.

“Yes he is in his office.” One of my father’s staff answered.

“Thanks” was all i said making my way down the hallway past the expensive art that lined the hallways, Picasso, Matisse, and Francis Bacon. I asked Jarrod to wait outside, walking straight into my father’s office. 
I was startled, a young women, leaning over to the side of him, going over some document, her figure petite, her clothes far too tight, their conversation, flirtatious. My father looked up startled, the women stood, now away from my father and his desk.

“Edward, this is unexpected.” My father says, his face showed it i had caught him out, his cheeks flushed, from being surprised. I just stood saying nothing.

“Sorry this is my new assistant, Meredith.”

“This is my son Edward.”

“Meredith is new, just been with us a few weeks.” My father announces.

“Nice to meet you Edward, she says, extending her hand for me to shake.” The feeling was not mutual.

“Hello Meredith” i dint take her hand. “Can you excuse us please Meredith.” I say curtly.

“Yes of course.” Meredith quickly scurries out of the room. My father  tries to change the subject.

“What brings you into the office Son?” he says getting out of his chair standing, as i move now a few feet from him.

“I had to sort out a tech problem with some coding.” I say.

“OK, did you get the problem solved?” he asks.

“Yes, all solved.”

“How come there is extra security everywhere. They were at the house also?” i ask

“There has been a few death threats in the last few days, security and the police are taking them seriously, i was going to tell you tonight, i am adding more detail to your sister and you, There will extra security waiting at the holiday house also, i am not taking any risks Edward, not with your sister, you or your mother, or even Kaitlin.” I just nodded not saying anymore on  the matter.

“So are we going to discuss what i just walked in on Dad?” I say the anger building in my tone.

“What do you mean, you didn’t walk in on anything; we were disguising a contract.” The only contracts my mind kept going to where the ones of my father involving sex.

“It looked like you were doing a hell of a lot more than that dad, are you fucking her?”

“No i am not fucking her; i would never do that to your mother. I am sorry if you got the wrong impression, when you walked in, seriously son it was just harmless flirtation, you have never flirted with other girls?”

“For one…. No i have never flirted with other girls, i would never fucking do that to Kat, i love her, respect her, i am not interested in flirting with or fucking other women. My voice now loud and raised. My father’s look one of shock, at what i had just said to him.

“I think you need to lower your voice son and your tone, i am your father, and i don’t appreciate being spoken to this way.” He says looking at me.

“And you know what, i don’t appreciate dad, is you, having your fucking assistant sitting on your fucking desk, he breasts basically in your fucking face, her tight dress, and the pair of you flirting with each other, and i don’t appreciate you fucking lying to my face, and fucking women behind my mother’s back.” I was almost yelling, i was squeezing my hands so tight.

“I am not fucking other women Edward, i would never do that to your mother, i love your mother.” My father says, firm, even fooling himself with his words.

“You know what, fuck this shit.” And with that i turn and walk to the door.

“Edward, do not turn your back on me, he says as i open the door to exit.

I look at him, not saying a word, just leaving. “Edward” i heard my father call, i never looked back i just kept walking with Jarrod to the lift, the door opened immediately, we both got in, there was silence between Jarrod and me. He would have heard our entire conversation, hell he was right outside the door.

When we reached the curbed where the car was parked i threw Jarrod the keys to the BMW, i8, was too angry and upset to drive.

“Good decision Edward, where to home?” he asked as we go into the sports car.

“Yes home, thanks.”

We had no sooner begun to drive, my phone began to ring, it was my father, i just ignored it letting it ring out; turning off my phone letting it go to voice-mail.  He then began to call Jarrod’s phone.

“Don’t answer that, he can fucking stew in his own lies, and deceit.” Jarrod also letting his phone ring out.

“Do you feel better getting some of that off your chest?” Jarrod asks as he drove.

“Some, but i didn’t really get anything off my chest, i walked in caught my father flirting with his new personal assistant, then he had the fucking nerve to lie to me.” I say, my anger subsiding to what it had been.

“I see…well you are going to see him at dinner tonight.” Jarrod replies.
“Yes i know, i am not causing a scene, not in front of my mother or Kaitlin, i would never do that, at least i respect the women i love, unlike my father.” I just looked out the window, the both of us quite, for the rest of the drive home.

Jarrod parked the car while i went upstairs. “Kaitlin was home, she was in the bedroom packing for our trip. I walked straight over to her, just holding her face in my hands kissing her so passionately, pulling off her t-shirt, and taking her by surprise.

She could see i was upset. “What’s wrong” she asked.

“Nothing, i just need you babe, please let me, just need you.” I say then kissing her once more, unclipping her bra, letting it drop to the floor.

“I unfastened her jeans pulling them down her legs along with her G-string, she stepped out of them. I moved her back to the bed, her legs now in front of it lowering her down naked, onto it. I looked into her eyes, caressing her face, i then stand pulling my t-shirt off over my head, kicking off my shoes, socks; then pulling off my jeans and boxers all in one.

“I need you so much right now baby,” i say, my voice soft, looking into her eyes.

“You have me, you will always have me babe.” I began to kiss Kat, my hand moving up between her thighs, feeling the softness of her skin, feeling her flower, so soft to touch. Kat closed her eyes, exhaling. She was ready for me already. I lowered myself onto her then inside of her, holding her hands by her side. 
Our rhythm as one as we began to move, Kat’s legs wrapped around me, i was buried deep inside of her, watching her, listening to her breathing, her sounds of pleasure, groans, whimpering, silencing the anger i was feeling, nothing else mattered but her.

I watched her, listened to her, felt her build, i moved faster, harder, then groaning so loudly, both of us releasing together, her fingers, embed deep into my flesh, her body, still flinching from her orgasm. I lay with my mouth on hers, feeling the heat from her breath. I just lay still holding her.

“That was too fast wasn’t it, sorry babe.” I say as i watch her looking at me.

“It was a little, but it's fine, what’s going on Edward, something obviously is. Your father has been ringing, trying to get hold of you; i tried your phone it went straight to voice-mail.

Did you have a fight with him?”  Kat asks touching my face, i am sure she would have seen the hurt in my eyes.

“Yes we had words.” I roll to the side, taking Kat with me, just holding onto her.

“What did you fight about; i have never heard you fight with your dad.” Kat asks.

“Just….” I didn’t say anymore.

“Just what?’

“I walked in on my dad in his office, flirting with his new assistant; i asked him if he was fucking her, their body language Kat was far too friendly.”

“Oh…what did you dad say when you asked him?”

“He denied it of course. My mum can’t know this Kat, it would fucking kill her. You can’t tell your mum or anyone.”

“I wouldn’t babe, i understand…. so you don’t believe your dad?”

“No i don’t believe him, if you had seen them, then you wouldn’t believe him either.”

“Well he has been trying to ring you, asked me to get you to call him before we go out for dinner tonight.”

“I am not calling him, he can fucking wallow.”

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