Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 18

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 18

“Babe its fine, my mum she is not a prude when it comes to sex, or talking about it. She was the one who marked off pages in the Kamasutra book, for us to try, to get to know each others bodies. To always tell you what i want, to make sure i let you know when you are doing the right things, things that turn me on, make me feel good. Mum suggested using a vibrator with you, so we can explore each others bodied more. That what my dad and her did, still do, she said. It’s not dirty or anything.”

“Mum said far too many girls rush into sex, they are afraid of their own bodies as well, they need to know about themselves, sexually, they should wait for sex, wait until it is with the right person, because then it is so much more enjoyable. I certainly agree with her.”

“Way to go Helena…so i have your mum to thank for this new position, the Kamasutra book of sex?” I laughed, Helena was Kaitlin’s mums name; Helena Southers.
“Yes… and my mum.” Kat laughed.

“Oh OK… baby, i loved what you did, god yes, but you don’t have to think that we have to do what Amanda and Brandon do. 
I like what we have, we have been exploring a few different things, yes, but i would never want you to do things, like anal sex, it’s not something i had even thought about to be honest. “I looked at Kat watching me.
“If you want to try something, then just tell me babe, but i am not going to expect anything, i wasn’t even expecting what we just did, it was a good different surprise.” I hold her; Kat… kisses my lips so softly.

“Thank you, for not judging me, it feels good to tell you finally, i have wanted to tell you so many times, i was scared to.”

“Baby, you can always, i mean always tell me anything, never be scared to tell me things, if something is worrying you. What was done to you, was not your fault, you have nothing to be ashamed about, absolutely nothing.”

“I think you should though tell your mum what that asshole Markus did to you, i think it might help you also, to now to tell her.”

“I will, i promise, would you be with me, when i do?

“Yes baby, of course i will, yes babe.” I kiss Kat softly on her lips, reassuring her once more.

“One day i would like to try more, but not right now.” Kat says.

“Baby, it’s not something i want to try either right now. I know a lot of the guys do it, i know Brandon does. Does with Amanda, we don’t really talk about it much, i was with him one day; he needed to get a few things, lube and anal plugs. 
I had no bloody idea what an anal plug was until we were in the sex shop. Three different sizes he bought. So that was an enlightening experience. 
Actually the entire time i was in the shop was an enlightening experience; i had never been in a sex shop before, hell it’s not on my Saturday afternoon to do list.”  I laughed… Kat laughed also.

“I know what you mean; i have been quite a few times with Amanda, when she has bought some of her toys. It opened my eyes up also. I wasn’t quite sure where to look; i could feel my cheeks flushed the entire time i was there.”

“I was the same, did you buy anything.” I smiled, curious, i know a lot of girls have vibrators, i had never seen one in Kat's drawer; not that i ever went looking either.
Kat went rosy pink in her cheeks “yes, i bought something.” She smiled; then looked down, embarrassed.

“Hey, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it is just natural, wanting to know your body, experience things, i know my sister has one, and my mum. They have both talk about them with me.”

“So where is it, do you still have it?”

“Yes i still have it; it’s in my underwear drawer, at the back in a velvet pouch. I was going to show you, actually.” Kat got up off the bed, naked going to the dresser, opening the drawer reaching to the back, then pulling out a black velvet pouch, returning, laying back on the bed with me.

She untied the straps, unrolling the pouch. “It’s purple, very rubbery, i have never felt one before.” I said as i picked it up, examining it.

“It has four speeds, but i don’t use it all the time turned on, you can get pleasure from it also, just as it is.” Kat says a little embarrassed still.

“Oh…OK. Have you used it since we have been here, in the apartment, when i haven’t been here?” i was curious, and aroused by the thought.

“No not since we have been here, i have you, to keep me content. I did before we moved in together; when we weren’t together, and i you know…when i was thinking about you, wanting you and you weren’t there.” Kat grinned, then looking up from the toy in my hands looking into my eyes.

“We can experiment with it if you want.” Kat says, her lips parted, her mouth just a certain way, when she was also aroused.

“Yes baby i would like that, a lot.” I lay the toy on the bed, moving my body to the side of Kat, kissing her lips, my arms around her hips.

“You will have to guide me, tell me what to do, what you like.” I say as fingers now touch her lips. God i wanted to please her, i loved watching Kat, exploring her body, watching her orgasm, lose herself in our passion…in our love for each other.

Our love making began all over again, exploring, with our hands, our mouths, on each others bodies, and now with a new toy, exciting the both of us. 
My lips on hers, our tongues gentle entwined, my hands slowly moving down her body, my lips, my mouth now to her neck, tasting her warm skin, hearing her breath sounds, heavy, her body move to mine as my mouth slowly moves to her breasts, tasting each nipple, caressing them with my tongue, slowly gently. 
Kat's hands grasping at the sheets her body arching, her hips pushing forward, her soft moans of pleasure, as my mouth moved down to her inner thighs. My mouth tasting her nectar, sweet like honey, as i caressed her, my fingers, the toy, my mouth…her pelvis pushing forward into my hand, her sounds now whimpers of pleasures, her hips moving of the bed, pushing forward once more.

“Baby…please” Kat cries out, the sheets twisting in her hands, her hips pushing, gyrating, her sounds louder.” I watched her, then felt her body, orgasming at my touch, pushing harder into hand, crying out, whimpering as she cum around me, i tasted her nectar once more, continuing to pleasure her, listening to her cries. 
I moved up her body, my lips on hers, sharing the taste of her, on my mouth, my tongue, now with hers. Our tongues tangled inside of each others mouth.

“I want you” Kat murmured, opening her eyes, looking into mine. I removed the toy, my body slowly moving onto hers, i pulled her legs up wrapping them around me, easing myself inside of her. Hearing her whimper, and her body begin to climb again, her hands around my hips, her nails clawing at my flesh, across my hips, down my back. 
Our bodies moving together, faster, with more intensity, my mouth at hers feeling her breath on my lips. Kat cries out again her orgasm takes over once more, sending me over the edge, i groaned, calling her name, as i cum, still thrusting, feeling her body, still orgasming, her body flinching under mine, her nails still firmly embedded into my flesh, i kept moving with her, her legs like a vine wrapped around me, not wanting to let go.

Kat began to still, her fingers now relaxed, her orgasm subsiding, her heart beat slowing with mine. 
I watched her, her eyes still closed, her mouth open, her tongue touching her lips. She opened them watching me, her green eyes sparkling like emeralds, she smiles, our lips touch once more.

Kat rolls my body so she was on top of me, she wanted more, sitting astride me, leaning over my body kissing my lips. “Baby, you have to give me five minutes at least to recover” i say softly, as i watched her, her body moving on mine, as i was still inside of her. 
I was still hard, i was of course still aroused by her, how could i not be, at the sight of her, so beautiful, so full of desire, not wanting this to end. 
I held her hips, moving her body on mine, Kat's hands on my forearms, holding on as we began our rhythm all over again. 
I felt her body cum over and over, hearing her cries, finally my body recovered cumming again, with hers, her body slumped over mine. 
I held her in my arms, still inside of her, feeling her heart beat into my chest.

“Fuck baby.” Was all i could say, still recovering, sweat dripping down my arms, my biceps, my face, chest, onto her body. Our bed, sheets a twisted mess.

“I know.” Kat whispers…looking up at me, slowly opening her eyes, then smiling.

“Umm… how many orgasms was that baby, i lost count? That was incredible.” I whisper softly, brushing the strands of hair from her face.

“I lost count after the first one.” Kat whispers still smiling.

“I love your toy.” I say with a grin.

“Me too, i love how you use it also.” She grins.

“Shower then sleep, i think…. it's 1-00AM babe.” I say, rolling Kat so i was now to the side of her, lying, with her in my arms.

“Yes” was all she said, as i held her, feeling the warmth of her body next to mine.

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