Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 7

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 7

“Don’t take any notice of my dad babe, it’s not you, he is like that with everyone, i think he actually intimidates my mum also. God help the day when Sutton brings a guy home, dad is going to flip. He will have his security do full background checks, want to know the guys future goals, it will be the Spanish inquisition.” I say glancing over at Kaitlin with a smile, i had to let go of her hand to take the turn onto the freeway to our home. Kaitlin yawned pressing the electric seat to lower her seat down.

“Tired? Close your eyes i will wake you when we get home.”

“Just a little, didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.” She says with a grin.
I laughed remembering all too well last night. “And i believe that was your fault.” I say with a laugh.

“My fault.” Kaitlin laughs. “No it was your fault for being so amazing, that i didn’t want it to end.” She grins then glances over at me still grinning, her cheeks now flushed.

“Amazing hey, do i need to take notes, for the next time you want me to be amazing.” I say with a huge grin, proud of myself.

“No, i think you have amazing pretty down pack now.” She replies with a smirk, her cheeks even rosier.
“Down pack is that right, so room for improvements?” i say grinning still teasing her.
“Mmm, maybe a few improvements” she laughs.
“Ouch, wounded…room for improvements, really?”
“Just a couple of tweaks, nothing major.” She grins.

“Tweaks, oh OK, so are you going to tell me what those tweaks are?” i ask, the smile had not left my face.
“Maybe, or maybe i will let you sweat and find out.” She laughs
“Oh we are playing that game, oh OK.” I smile
“No you are perfection Edward, nothing needs tweaking or improving.”  

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