Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 16

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 16

I look at my watch; it had been just over half an hour. “I should check if the food is here babe.” I say, kissing Kat on her lips, then climbing naked out of bed, walking to the kitchen.

“Foods here” i say loudly walking back. I hold out my hand for Kat to take, pulling her out of bed to her feet. Jarrod my security must likely would have heard us, heard Kat as we made love. Now with the privacy of our own place, just the two of us, we didn’t have to worry about who might hear us.

Sharing a house with two guys, with Kat staying over most nights, you can’t exactly have freedom, privacy. Sound travels, we quite often heard Brandon and his girlfriend Amanda in their bedroom, Kat and me having a giggle. Harrison my other mate was between girlfriends, playing video games with head phones on when he wasn’t studying. Then on top of that i had security in the house, my two man team taking in turns, my father had rented a house just a few doors down from ours for their lodgings. Not exactly a lot of privacy when Kat and i wanted our very intimate time together.

We both dressed; me in my sweats and a t-shirt, Kat in her singlet and jersey shorts; we make our way to the kitchen for dinner. I couldn’t take the smile off my face, watching her, so cute with her long legs, long brown hair; bed hair, all messed up, her cheeks still flushed, in her cute little outfit after we just made incredible love. She was such a welcome distraction, from the worry in my mind, of my father. Distraction probably too flippant a word… Kat is my Everything.

“Yum, this smells so good.” We both say as we gather the plates putting the food on a tray, making our way to the lounge to eat, placing the plates and tray on the large square wooden coffee table. I couldn’t stop watching her, seeing how happy she was, how happy we both are.

We sat on our over-sized lounge, enjoying our food, the large open gas fire ablaze warming the room. The view at night through the front glass windows is stunning. Looking out over the water you can see yachts with their lights on, the street lamps of the boardwalk, it was so peaceful. We had electric blinds we could close for our privacy whenever we wanted. We were high enough up in our penthouse that we still had a great deal of privacy even with the blinds open.

“Are you going for a run in the morning?” Kat asks
“Yes, hoping to, why?”

“I just wanted you to wake me, when you get back, i want to go for a ride, it will be the last chance i get before we go away, and i want to say goodbye to my horses as well, i will miss them. You don’t mind do you?” Kat asks.

“Why would i mind babe, i know you love riding and will miss them. Yes i will wake you. I can come with you if you like, and ride for a while: then i have some errands to run tomorrow, last minute things before we leave. I could do those things while you ride. What time did you anticipate being home: we could have some lunch at the little bistro up the road?”

“I would like that, i was thinking around lunch time, i can give you a call when i am finished, i can meet you at the bistro, if it’s easier?” Kat says as we snuggle up on the lounge.
“Sounds good babe, it would be easier to meet you there, i will reserve a table.” I say.
I kiss Kat, holding her, just enjoying the silence, our time together. “Don’t forget security goes with you OK? I have a new guy coming with us on our trip, Antonio, my father insisted, and so do I. He hand picked him; he will be an addition to the team. My dad and I want you to have full time security, and it will put me at ease also. Sorry that i forgot to mention that earlier, it slipped my mind.” I squeeze Kat a little firmer to reassure her that i want her safe.

She looks up at me, smiling. “I know, i understand. Do you know anything about him, his age, where he is from?” Kat replies as we finish our dinner.

“Not a great deal, i haven’t met him yet, tomorrow with be the first time. He is twenty six, trained by a private security company, military training, Italian my dad said, like Christoph.” I say.

“When is Sutton coming home?” Kat asks.

“I am not quite sure, i know she was going away with some friends for a few weeks, when school broke up, i will have to give her a call tomorrow, if i don’t forget.”

“What errands do you have to do tomorrow?” Kat looks up at me smiling, i know she was still trying to get any little clue to our destination out of me.

“Just a few little things; more so for your birthday, so no asking. I really want this to be a surprise Kat, as hard as it is for you not knowing, would you let me do this for you, i want this to be so special…please babe.” I say brushing her soft lips with my finger, then caressing over her cheek.

“OK, i am sorry, it is just killing me not knowing, of course i am excited and i can’t wait of course. OK no more asking, or digging for tips, i promise.” Kaitlin smiles then brings my hand to her lips kissing it.

“I should clean up this mess, i want to have a shower, you could join me, i still have that rain check to cash in i believe.” Kat grins looking up at me.
I quickly roll her on the lounge my body half over hers, pinning her hands just above her head. “You are being very insatiable tonight; don’t get me wrong i am not complaining. A shower sounds perfect.” I lean in kissing Kat, softly our tongues gently caressing each other’s in our mouths.

I help Kat to her feet, collecting our dishes, and takeaway Chinese boxes making our way to the kitchen. Kat stacked the food in containers in the fridge while i placed the dishes in the dishwasher.

“I was thinking of hiring someone to come in each day to take care of cleaning, making the bed, preparing meals for us, shopping, when we get back from out trip, but not until we both start work. We both will be working long hours, we will be tired, it will free up our time, so we can be together, what do you think?” I held Kat in front of me my arms firmly around her.

“I approve, i was actually going to suggest something as well. The person could make meals put them in the fridge or freezer for us to have. Great idea babe, the last thing i am going to want to do is cook when i get home, or clean.” Kat reaches up on her toes, planting a kiss on my lips.

“Baby i wasn’t expecting you to do those things, i would have helped, just like i do now, i am very domesticated, learnt to be sharing with two guys. And as i recall you love my cooking.” I grin.

“You are very domesticated, which i love, i know you don’t expect those things. I love your cooking; you are a better cook than me.” Kat says smiling.

“You make a mean French toast Hun and spaghetti…and you may not excel in the kitchen, you more than make up for it in other ways.”  I say teasing, pulling her body into mine, smiling.

Kat laughs “Is that right, well i am glad i make up for it. We should shower, and then i can show you exactly how much i make up for it.”

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