Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 22

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 22

“And if she doesn’t want to sell, then we will look for something else. It will be hard to buy around your parents and my parent’s area though; properties very rarely come on the market. Since we want land for the horses, it will be even harder.”

“Well fingers crossed babe, Mrs Levi will sell to us.” Kat says as well lay together.

“Changing the subject babe, what are you going to do about your dad? Are you going to call him before we go out?” Kat asks laying half on me, propped up on my chest, both of us still naked.

“Babe i really don’t want to talk to him before we have dinner, we will just have this huge argument, it will spoil the entire night, make it so uncomfortable for everyone. And my mum, she knows none of this... she has no clue dad and i have had words.”

“Seriously i really don’t know what to do….i don’t want my mum hurt by this; i don’t want her finding out. I think to myself, what if my mum had gone to the office, walked in on my dad, and this fucking women.”

“Actually i do know what i am going to do, just a sec babe, i need to make a few phone calls.” Kat moved off me to the side, i leaned over taking my phone out of my jeans, propping myself up, then searching through my contacts.

“Hello Mr Marché, please….. it's Edward Grey.” The assistant goes off to get him, i can hear her talking.

“Mr Grey, is everything OK.” He asks in his strong French accent.

“Yes, yes… everything is fine, i am calling on a different matter. I want to get a gift for my mother. Well more than one gift…price doesn’t matter, in fact the more expensive the better.”

“Yes, we have many beautiful expensive pieces, hand designed. Did you have anything specific in mind, necklace, bracelet, earrings, for any specific event?”

“Yes to all of those, a necklace, with earrings, bracelet to match….that could be worn out to dinner, something not too over stated, but elegant, exquisite…something that says, beauty, love. Do you have anything like that?”

“We do as a matter of fact, a new set, i have only just put on display today. The set the most expensive in the shop, rare champagne diamonds; twenty million dollars sir. Would you like to come by and have a look; we are open for another two hours.”

“No i trust your judgement, and i need those pieces for tonight, to give to my mother, at dinner. I will have one of my security come by and pick them up. You can make the bill out to, Mathew Grey, my father. My security will give a card with the details. No need to wrap them, just in their cases is fine.”

“Of course Mr Grey, i will make sure they are ready, thank you for your business Mr Grey.”

“That is a beautiful gesture Edward.... won’t your father be pissed you billed him twenty million dollars” Kat asks.

“Too fucking bad if he is babe… he is going to give those to my mother tonight, to make up for what he did today.”

“I just need to call Jarrod and get one of them to pick up the pieces.” I made another call to Jarrod, asking him to get Christoph to go by and pick the pieces up, and the details to give Mr Marché for the billing.

“Jarrod, i need you to call the security desk at Grey Global enterprises, find the last name of my father’s personal assistant Meredith.”

“As of fifteen minutes ago she no longer works for us. Have her security clearance revoked, her phone taken from her. Have security go to her office, her office packed up, she is to be escorted immediately from the building.”

“Make sure you let them know, these are the strict instructions of Edward Grey CEO. In fact, have Christoph and Antonio; make a stop on the way back from the Marché store to personally take care of this. Call the building also. I want this taken care of immediately Jarrod.” Jarrod acknowledges my request; then i end the call.

“Edward, are you sure you want to do that, your dad he is going to be so mad.” Kat asks as she watches me.

“Kat he can be fucking mad, i don’t give a shit, i own part of that company, my name is in the foyer…. i can hire and fire whomever i want. I want temptation out of the way.
I want that women gone. Hell i will hire him someone who is gay, or a guy, then he won’t be able to flirt, or fuck them.” Kat laughs, i couldn't help but give a chuckle back at my words.

“You know what you’re doing babe, i have never seen you this mad, i know you have good reason to be…hell i would be also if that was my dad doing that to my mother. I feel so bad for your mum, she doesn’t deserve this Edward.” Kat replies, she could see the hurt in my eyes.

“I am sorry for getting angry, i didn’t scare you did i?” Kat shakes her head for No.

“No… my mum she doesn’t deserve any of this babe, my dad is a fucking asshole. Let’s change the subject. I want to hear more about your day; you lunch with your mum and coffee with my mum. What did your mum think of your horse?”

“Mum she loved Paloma, you are spoiling me, but it also shows how much you love me…how thoughtful you are.” Kat kisses my lips softly. I smile at her.

“What else did you talk about?” I ask stroking Kat’s back with my fingers as she lay on top of me.

“We talked about, sex, about being in love, babies, marriage, Mrs Levi’s house of course.
Did you know your mum wants another baby; she has been having fertility treatment. She has had two miscarriages?”

“Mum really, i didn’t know she wanted another baby, let alone any miscarriages….i know she is not too old, she is only forty two, she had us young, she was my age, when she got pregnant. A lot of women are having babies in their forties.” I say surprised at this revelation though.

“The last two years she has had the miscarriages.”

“That’s true, my mum was my age when she started, dad and her wanted a baby, they wanted to be young parents. Dad was just going into medicine, mum was doing architect, they were luckier than most, having mums parents, to live with, and to support them.”

“Dad had his parents helping out also…it certainly makes it much easier if you have money, come from money. I know how hard it was for so many at University in my class, some i know there on Scholarships, i had my parents paying for everything.”

“Mum said it wasn’t easy, she did her degree over a number of years…but she got there in the end.  There were my three brothers, then a gap with me being the last. Mum thought she would never get pregnant, her and dad tried for nearly four years to have me, they wanted a girl so much.”

“And they got you babe, i am so glad, otherwise you would not be here to be in my life.”

“I know, i know how lucky i am to never have to had to worry about money, that’s why i set up my charities as well, i want to help, i have a few scholarships as well.
I employ young students that are paying for their studies by having to work, and study. I give them flexibility, with their hours, so they can study. It might not be Harvard or Princeton University here, but we still have great universities. ”

“How do you feel about your mum wanting another baby?”

“I am fine with it… Even more reason now, mum does not need the stress of my dad and me, well my dad more so, and his fucking antics.”

“We haven’t really talked much about babies, or marriage, you know i want both right?” I say to Kat.

“I know, you do, so do i, we have plenty of time. I don’t want to be forty having a baby though, maybe twenty five, i want to enjoy, my kids while i am young.” Kat says, then smiles.

“Me too, so how many kids, do you think…i was thinking five.” I say with a grin.

“Five…five sounds like a good number. Your mum she said there is a high risk, when we do have kids, i could have twins, since twins are in your family. Your sister was a twin also, but one died in the first four months of your mum’s pregnancy, which can happen apparently.”

“Yes i knew about Sutton being a twin. It is more common that most realize. Going into obstetrics i have studied up on this babe. I wouldn’t mind at all if we had twins, in fact i would really like it.”  I smile at Kat reassuring her.

“What if i can’t have a baby Edward, with what happened when i was younger, with my cancer. Do you think about that?”

“Babe, i know it’s a possibility, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. We can adopt you know. There are lots of babies that need adopting.
Or we could use a surrogate, with your eggs and my sperm, a lot of people do it because of not being able to conceive normally, or carry a baby. What did your specialist say, about pregnancy?”

“She gave me a forty percent chance of falling pregnant, after twenty five those odds go down significantly, but she did say i would have high risk pregnancy because of the cancer and the scaring.
I actually have a full work up with her in four months; you can come if you want, we can ask her things, we both might want to know. I am due to have my implant redone also for contraception?”

I stroked Kaitlin’s face with my finger. “I would like that babe. You’re not worried about this are you? The cancer…not being able to get pregnant, me?”

“Some… it’s always there in the back of my mind. I know you want kids, and i think about what if i can’t give them to you.”

“Baby, then we would adopt, or like i said use a surrogate if that is a viable option. Kat you have been cancer free for over ten years. You have been given the full clear. You are the most important person in my life baby, next to my mum. I don’t want you to worry about those things OK?”

“OK.” Kat smiles at me.

“Maybe you should distract me?” Kat grins, her hands moving down to my groin.

I laugh at her. “Baby i think you are the one now distracting me. You want to play?”

Kat nods and grins. “Yes i want to play.” “Do you think i want too much sex?” she asks serious.

“No baby, i don’t, you have a healthy appetite for sex, there is nothing wrong with that. You know i always want to please you right, you don’t have to be afraid of wanting sex, day or night.”

“Day or night, so i can wake you, for sex?” Kat grins.

“Yes baby, you can wake me for sex... do you want to wake me for sex?” i ask with a smile.

“Sometimes…. i wake and i really feel like it, you are sound asleep.”

“Oh OK…well next time wake me, i might be grumpy in the morning from lack of sleep, but i hear there is a cure for that... more sex.” I laugh, Kat pokes her tongue out, then laughs, i quickly lean forward kissing her, then grin.

“I have to ask, is PT coming on holiday with us?” i grin, Kat looks confused.

“Who is PT?”

“Purple toy.”

Kat begins to laugh. “So that is what we are calling it… is that code? Yes i think PT should come on holiday with us.”

“Yes babe it's code…i insist PT comes on holiday with us.” I begin to tease Kat tickling her making her squeal. Rolling her so she was astride me, we were both naked in our bed.

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