Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 15

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 15

I think the death of my brother, put a distance in a way between my parents, my dad he shut himself away with work, work was his way of dealing with the grief. Mum she would sit in my brother’s room; it’s still exactly the same as when he died. For me it is still hard to this very day, birthdays the hardest. This was the same day the both of us were born, we shared this birthday…. i still shared this birthday with my brother, a constant reminder he is never coming back, i will never see him again. Mum still celebrates his birthday with mine; she makes the biggest fuss, way over the top. My twenty first three hundred people came, yes i had my closest friends there and Kaitlin, there were my mother and fathers friends, and people i didn’t even know. I hate celebrating my birthday for those reasons, but i go along with it for mum, it’s what she needs to get through this day.

“Now where were we my naughty angel” i say with a grin to Kat, sliding her down the bed tossing the pillows behind her on the floor. I made her squeal in our game of play.
“I believe you were going to show me thirty minutes of foreplay.” She giggles.

“So what exactly would this thirty minutes involve?” i say teasing.
“We─ll some of this.” Kat says as she begins to kiss my neck, her hands moved over my body, cupping my ass with her hands.

“Ok…Yes i  like this already.” I say grinning, still teasing as we played.
“So how naughty of an angel would you like me to be?” Kat whispers in my ear, then biting my earlobe softly.

“As bad as you want to be.” my hands moved down her body bringing her leg up, holding her leg under her knee.

“Babe you have me so worked up right now, i think the foreplay has gone out the window and we have now moved to third base.” I say breathing heavy as my lips began to touch hers, my hands caressing her body, her breasts, slowing moving down to her inner thigh.

“Third base sounds good.” Kat says softly, her breathing ragged, aroused at my touch….her body arched, her hips thrusting forward. I could feel her body build, hear her sounds, slowly i moved so my body was on hers, as we began to make love. He hands gripped my flesh like before, strong, her nails embedded into my flesh, gripping so firmly as our bodies moved as one. Our hearts thumping so fast, my lips on hers, feeling her breath so warm on mine, then she cried out with her release, her nails embedding deeper into my flesh as we both find our release together. I held her, my heart still thumping so loud, so fast, i looked up looking into her eyes, they were so green, like emeralds, looking straight into mine.

“Babe, god...what the hell are you doing to me, two nights in a row, you have me so worked up, i want to bury myself inside of you. I didn’t hurt you did i?”

“No, it was perfection; i will tell you if you hurt me.” I could feel Kat's body still flinching under mine, her orgasm still subsiding. I went to move. “Don’t move…stay.” She says, then closing her eyes, her hands still firmly pressed around my hips. I watched her, still basking in the after of making love, her body flinching every few seconds, still coming down.
“God you are so beautiful.” I brushed her lips with my finger, she latched onto it with her teeth, then softly sucking it with her soft full lips, her hands now relaxing on my body, giving me a sign i could now move off her to the side.

“Happy?” i ask still grinning from our afternoon delight of love making.

“Mmm yes, very happy.” She grins. “And you….are you happy?” Kat asks.

“God yes…how could i not be, i have the women that i love, the women of my dreams in my arms, making love all afternoon. I am more than happy, you make me happy Kat.”

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