Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 3

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter 1 page 3

Then when i started to date Kaitlin, i get the full talk from both my mother and father. Be safe, contraception is the responsibility of both of you. When we both told our parents we were moving into together, her parents were very happy for us, my mother the same, but the same feelings were not precipitated by my father. He thought we were rushing things; i should date other girls, have fun and not rush into any commitments.
Don’t get me wrong he loves Kaitlin, but i am not my father and what he did when he was younger is not the same as i had planned out for my life. Now finding those things in the attic i really had no idea who the hell my father was anymore, i now felt a distance from him.
“Dad that maybe what you did played the field, but it’s not for me, i am not like that, i love Kaitlin, and she loves me and that is all that matters, so you can either be happy for us, or not be, the choice is yours.” I remember saying. My father intimidated a lot of people, but not me.

“Of course i want you happy Edward, i just want you to be sure, you are so young and you still haven’t lived yet. If you love Kaitlin and she loves you, and you are absolutely sure, of course i am going to support you. Just be safe, you are both so young and unplanned pregnancies can happen.” My father says to me as sat on the deck of his yacht.
“We are both careful; contraception is something we both take very seriously.” I replied as we enjoyed a beer together. I got the same lecture from mum about being safe and pregnancy also.

They knew Kaitlin wasn’t dating me for money also. My father a billionaire self-made, i had also acquired now my own wealth with a software app i developed, my father’s company buying it from me, which basically set me up for life. I was careful with money even though i never had to worry about not having any. I had worked during the holidays for my father since i was sixteen, so i understood the values of working, never expecting everything handed to me.

My father showed me the ropes of the business from the ground up, i went with him on trips, but my heart was never in it, medicine was always my biggest passion, software tinkering with my apps was a hobby. My sister Sutton two years younger than me, she was the one who was the IT major who wanted to run my father’s company one day.

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