Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 5

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 5

“Thank you Mrs Grey, lunch was beautiful.” Kaitlin says as she stands then embracing my mother with a firm hug.

“Thank you Kaitlin, you are so welcome, i wish you would call me Catherine, you are part of the family dear, we hope to see more of you and Edward now you are living back here.” My mother embraces Kaitlin then kisses her cheek.
Kaitlin smiles, we had talked about her calling my mother Catherine like she wanted, Kaitlin said it just felt strange. My father he liked everyone to call him Mr Grey, his way of still trying to intimidate people i suspect.

I walked hand in hand with Kaitlin down the hallway to my father’s office. The door was ajar and he was yelling at someone on the phone. Kaitlin squeezed my hand. I knocked, then we quietly entered the room just standing inside the door.
My father stopped his conversation, well yelling conversation to be more precise. Asking whoever was on the other end of the phone to please wait, then placing them on hold.

“We are off dad” i said, my mind kept going back to the pictures and contracts i had found in the attic. Now was certainly not the time to confront my father and i certainly wouldn’t be doing it with Kaitlin around either.

OK, we will see you before your trip?” My father replies his tone now softer than his phone conversation.

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