Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 17

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 17

I lay with Kat on top of me, both catching our breath, beads of sweat running down our bodies. Her heart beating into mine, thumping so loud. “Baby, fuck, what the hell was that.” I say, still catching my breath, my arms still around her, from just making love, like we have never made love before…so much fire, sensuality, intense, powerful.

Kat looks up at me, her hair a mess; i brushed it to the side of her face with my fingers, stroking her face. “Showing you how i can excel at other things since i am not excelling in the kitchen.” Kat smiles, her eyes sparkling as she looks at me.

“I think you have more than proved how much you excel baby, death by sex, i think i could handle it….that was pretty intense babe… we have never don’t that before.” I laugh teasing her…then kissing her softly on her lips, our bodies so warm still, on fire with the heat from our passion.

“It was ok wasn’t it?” Kat asks, the look on her face had changed, to one of concern, wanting for my approval.

“Hey, of course it was OK, it was more than OK, baby, it was amazing. What’s wrong?” I ask rolling Kat so her body was half under mine, caressing her face in my hand.

“Nothing, its fine.” Kat looked down, then closed her eyes…not wanting for me to see her. I lifted her chin... for her to look at me, she opened her eyes again.

“No…something is wrong, tell me, did i hurt you?” I looked into her eyes searching; i could see her eyes change, tears forming... her eyes glazing over.

“No you didn’t hurt me Edward.... it wasn’t you.” A tear fell down Kat's cheek as she spoke.
“Baby, tell me, i must have hurt you.... please tell me.” I wiped away the tear, kissing her cheek with my lips.

“You will think badly of me if i tell you.” She says, looking down, averting her eyes from me again.

I touched her lips with my finger, touching her face. “Baby….hey i would never do that, ever... please tell me, i don’t like seeing you like this.”

“It was something that happened in the past, something i was remembering, when i was with Markus.” Kat says, still not looking at me.

I tilt her chin to look at me again, looking into her eyes. “I know you said he didn’t treat you right... you broke it off with him. What does that have to do with us making love baby?”

“It’s not what you are probably thinking. No one knows this apart from Amanda, and she is the only person who knows. I felt so ashamed.” Tears began to fall down her cheeks; i knew something bad must have happened for Kat be upset like this.

“Baby what did he do to you?” I ask, caressing her face, as i wiped away the tears with my finger…pulling her into my arms, holding her.

“Remember when i said he was my first.”

“Yes, you said that when we first made love.”

“When we got together, he was so nice, sweet, caring, he was very charming, said all the right things. We had only been going about for about three weeks, Markus has been hinting he wanted to have sex, i was scared, i was still a virgin, and he wasn’t. I wanted to wait, i wasn’t sure, but he made me feel like i didn’t care about him the way he said he cared about me, pressing me. So i said yes in the end. It wasn’t good, it was horrible in fact. It was all about him. Anyway, we did it, it was over and done with, he took my virginity, we had sex quite a few more times, he started to pressure me, into doing things, things i felt uncomfortable doing.”

“What things?” I asked not angry at Kat, fucking angry at that bastard Markus.

“Just sexual things, i really don’t want to go into a full blown descriptive detail of them. He was pressuring me for anal sex, i said no. I even talked to Amanda about it. She said Brandon and she had done it, more than once, but they built up to it. She said don’t do anything you don’t want to do, are not ready for, just take your time.”

“Markus started to get quite possessive of me, he changed, he was domineering, and it started to scare me. So i told him i wanted to talk to him, could we meet.”

“He organized to come over to my apartment, i lived alone then. I started to talk to him, told him how i felt, i wanted a break from us; i wasn’t sure if i still wanted our relationship to continue, but we could still be friends. He seemed to take it well; we were having some wine and pizza, very civilized.”

“I started to feel woozy, funny. I still don’t remember all of it; he must have put something in my drink. When i woke up hours later, i was naked, in my bed, bruises, bite marks to my body, i was sore, he raped me, sodamised me.” Kat was sobbing, i held her in my arms, cradling her.

“That fucking bastard, fuck baby, why didn’t you go to the police? He fucking raped you Kat.”

“I was scared, confused, i called Amanda, she came over, she helped me shower, stayed with me. Amanda took pictures of what he did to me just in case. I was too scared to go to the police; i didn’t think the police would believe me either. I invited him to my home.”

“You never told anyone else, not even your parents?”

“Baby, it is still rape.”

“No, just Amanda, i didn’t want to see anyone, go out. I had to defer some of my classes because i was a wreck. It had been a year when Amanda asked me to come out on that blind date, when we met. I almost didn’t go, i was scared, but Amanda assured me you were one of the good guys, a perfect gentleman, and you were, still am.”

“Baby i am so sorry you had to go through that, he did that to you. I know who the guy is, didn’t have anything to do with him though, we didn’t have classes together. His father a real-estate developer, he is a trust fund kid, never worked a day in his life, lives in New York.”

“I found out afterwards he had been seeing other girls while he was seeing me. I went to my doctor and got tested; i was scared he might have given me something when he raped me. We always used condoms before that.”

“Baby, i am sorry, you know i am not him right, i would never do any of those things to you, that’s  just not me?” I looked into Kats eyes reassuring her.

“I know Edward; i know it’s not you. The first time we were together, really together, when we had sex for the first time, i imagined you were my first time, and you made it so incredible for me, just like you do every time we make love. This is how i imagined it to be… i even told Amanda that.”

“I grinned. “You told Amanda about us, our first time, did i get a score out of ten.” I laughed.

“Yes babe you got a twelve. You don’t mind that i talked to her about us?”

“A twelve, of course i don’t mind. It was my first time, i was so nervous, i wanted to impress you also, make sure your needs were met, not just my own. And as i recall, i think you made it pretty clear they were.” I leaned in and kiss Kat on the lips, she smiled.

“Edward you always make sure every single time, my needs are fully met, you never rush, we have been learning from each other, i wasn’t experienced, i still am not. I have talked to Amanda, her and Brandon have a pretty, what’s the word, not kinky, they explore things. I have seen the toys in her draw, by accident. But she says, Brandon is the same, he is caring, gentle, never pressures her into anything, she is actually the one who is wanting to try different things. That’s why i thought what we did, you might like; it was something different.”

“I have talked to my mum a lot also, asking her advice; i can talk to her about anything, when it comes to sex. She actually asked me about things we had done, just getting the picture. My mum and dad have a very full sex life, mum says they did a lot of things at my age; she was my age when she did it for the first time. Which was with my dad.” I gave a grin, watching Kat; her whole body had relaxed now she had told me her secret, which she needed to share with me. I had my own secret, my dad’s fucked up secret life, but i couldn’t share something like this with her, not after she just told me about being raped.

“What did you talk about with your mum, in regards to us…don’t get me wrong, i am fine with it, i have talked to my mum about us also…asked my sister's advice on a few things as well.”

“What do we talk about?” Kat Grins, her cheeks flushed once more.

“Us, you and me…. i haven’t told you this, my mum only told me last week also. Remember when we first moved into the apartment, the first week, we were meant to have gone shopping for items for the apartment, and we go side tracked and ended up on the dining table, christening it, making love?” Kat grinned.

“Yes baby, i remember all too well, it was incredible, you were incredible. We finished just in time as i remember, our mothers come over, to help with the apartment, they had a key, they weren’t expecting us to be there.”

“Well we didn’t quite finish before they arrived, they saw us, they came in when we were in the middle of it, they left went for coffee around the corner, then came back an hour later.”

“You are fucking kidding me; they saw us, making love, the entire thing. No wonder the pair of them had smiles on their faces when i let them in, the entire time they were here. What did you mum say to you?” i was now the one whose cheeks were flushed, i could feel them.

“Mum thought it was cute, very sexy of you, romantic, she was very impressed actually.” Kat gave a little laugh.

“Impressed” i laughed.
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