Shades of Grey by Edward Grey chapter 1 page 8

Shades of Grey
By Edward Grey
 Ghost writer Alexandria
Untold, riveting story through the eyes of a son

Chapter one page 8

We had arrived home back at our apartment; i had gone to the study to place the box in the cupboard, the last thing i wanted was for Kaitlin to open that box. I walked back into the kitchen where Kaitlin had the takeaway menus out on the counter.

“What do you feel like Edward, Chinese or pizza? We don’t really have much in the way of food since we are leaving in a few days. I walked up behind Kaitlin wrapping my arms around her.

“Chinese sounds good; we can order a selection have left overs tomorrow.”
“OK Chinese it is.” She replies.

Kaitlin turns to face me. “I am sorry for snapping today when we were in the attic.”
“It’s OK babe, i could see you were upset by something.”
“Just old memories that’s all. I love you so much, i hope you know that Kat?” i wrap my arms around her pulling her in close. I quite often called her Kat for short.

“I know; i love you also.” “I thought i might make a start on packing for our trip, i just need to know what to pack, you still haven’t told me where we are going.” Kaitlin looks up at me with a smile.

“I know, i told you it’s a surprise, this is our first real holiday together and i want to surprise you, and it will also be your birthday while we are away, so it’s a birthday surprise as well. Pack for warm weather.” I say.

“OK, so we are going somewhere tropical?”
“We are going somewhere warm, somewhere you have not seen, that is all i am saying. We don’t need to pack very much; we can buy anything extra we might need while we are there.”

“How long are we going for? You are being very mysterious Edward.”
“We have four months before we both start our jobs, so we have at least three months, we will play it by ear and see how we feel, what do you think?”

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