Shades of Grey By Edward Grey my untold story


A sons love for his father, a fathers secrets, lies and betrayal.  
The book is addressing abuse, sexual abuse, secrets and lies, where a son, Edward  a young man,   finds out  his father Mathew E Grey who has kept this dark  secret  his whole life. How this life of his fathers effects the son. Edward now 21 years old going into medicine to be a doctor. 
Edward has his own life, he has met the love of his life, he finds out about his fathers deep dark  secret.
Now his entire world is going to come crashing down. 

Edward is handsome, sophisticated, loving, gentle, he is certainly is not his father.
Edwards life as a young man will unfold throughout the book with his story.

 People  reading from the pages, are already connecting, with Edward, and his beautiful story.

This book was written to open peoples hearts, to what love is, finding love...its also about pain and sorry, dealing with loss. Also dealing with secrets, abuse, that can tear a family apart. 
The book has so many elements to it.
A learning tool for young adults, and most likely a lot of older ones also.
The story incredibly heart felt, you will immediately fall in love with Edward and connect with him and his story.

It was written in a way to tell a story, that could be so many peoples own story when it comes to dealing with all of these things. The co-author has also used some of her and others own personal events, and incorporated them into the book.

You will, cry, you will laugh, your emotions will come alive by this incredible story told through the eyes of Edward Grey.

We are already writing the second book, the follow on to this one, a book you will not be able to put down. It will be rated R because of the honest sexual content when it comes to sexuality. The books are written with emotional honesty and very descriptive but at the same time we are dealing with sensitive issues which can relate to millions around the world.

 Edwards book also contains and sends a message to young adults, and yes most likely older ones also, that you can have a loving, respectful relationship, without sexual violence, abuse, without having to control another person, degrade them, stalk them, control every aspect of their lives. Young love can be wonderful, an adventure, and it can be true romance, hearts and flowers, with the proper respect and real love.

Everyone associated with the book, including our graphics team, all volunteer, we do not get paid, we do this because we are advocates to stop abuse, torture, sexual abuse, of adults and children.

The process and writing of this book began 6-12mnths ago.
This book has a very powerful message to send to all. The book has been written in a ways to  reach many different age groups, teens, young and older adults. 

We have a dedicated team of volunteers, advocates to stop abuse, donating their time and talents to bring this book to life, to tell Edward Grey's story. 
Our team have approached magazines,entrepreneurs to help with the book, and now Film studios to have this incredible story told.
We are self funded and we would love the support of the media, especially Australia where we are from.This book has the potential to raise tens of millions of dollars for abuse charities, to raise more awareness to abuse.

Abuse, sexual violence effects millions around the world, especially children. Please help us raise as much money as we can for abuse charities by supporting this book, sharing the link for the books website, the book Shades of Grey....By Edward Grey. 

 We already have international celebrities sharing our links and re-weeting the book. People leaving such wonderful supporting comments on twitter, our website that are coming from all around the world.

I thought it was important for my story to be told as a son, who's father is larger than life.
My father Mathew E Grey, a self made man, a billionaire, who could silence an entire room when he walked through a door.
There were those who feared, him, then those who worshiped him, and then those he just plain intimidated, for me he did none of those things.
I had grown up respecting my father and also challenging him, maybe that's why he didn't scare me, or intimidate me, like he did so many others.
Now i was to uncover his deepest darkest secret, and my world was about to change forever.
I was to learn, i had no idea who my father really was.

♦Meaning of "shades of grey" -Cambridge English Dictionary shades of grey› the fact of it not being clear in a situation what is right and wrong: a straightforward choice between good and evil, with no shades of grey. ♦

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